Tawhid Mosque Dispute Now Has ‘Terror’ Twist

I mentioned last month that the inter-Salafi dispute at Masjid Tawhid in Leyton, East London had appeared to be nearing a conclusion following a blog post by new Quilliamite Usama Hasan who said he was resigning his position as a Trustee of the Mosque following the results of an arbitration to which he had been a party.

Now, however, it appears that allegations have been made by Usama Hasan to the Charities Commission that some of those now involved in running Masjid Tawhid are terrorist sympathisers or Islamic radicals or something of that sort. You may recall that Usama Hasan last month wrote a very funny article – which he has since removed from his blog but which can still be read here – in which he seemed to accuse just about everyone who was opposing him of being closet extremists.

The vigilant souls at Islamophobia Watch have posted a very interesting analysis of the latest developments including the London Evening Standard’s story yesterday which was headlined ‘Mosque Near Olympics Site in ‘Terror Link’ Investigation’. The story was written by Tom Harper. As it happens, Harper is the very same journalist who wrote a libellous story about me in the Mail on Sunday a few years ago – a story for which the MoS had to subsequently publicly apologise to me both in print and in court and also pay me damages.

Update: I have been thinking about this today – I know I am that sad. But could it be that Usama Hasan has a Messiah-complex (or more accurately, a Mahdi-complex)?

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5 Responses to Tawhid Mosque Dispute Now Has ‘Terror’ Twist

  1. Mazhar says:

    Sad state of affairs.
    These govt stooges really have no shame. Recently i went to a talk where the “sheikh” said islam was inclusive & he had no problems with gays coming to his house. Then he abused islamo-fascists & “wahabis”

    Now i dont agree with wahabis but somethings got to be wrong if we can accommodate misguided non Muslims but but not muslims we disagree with

  2. Mazhar: I am no fan of Usama Hasan – but what is your issue with his alleged statement saying he had no problem with gays coming to his house? What has someone’s sexual orientation to do with whether you allow them into your house or not? I presume Usama was not going to allow them to have gay sex in his living room, right? Isn’t this country a much better place for having our equality legislation which means that people should not be discriminated against on account of their gender, race, religious beliefs or sexual orientation?

  3. Nasir says:

    Usama Hasan is a very confused person.
    He made certain comments in the Masjid about Evolution and later retracted these comments on his blog, and asked for forgiveness in the Masjid only 5 weeks ago at Juma.
    Now he has made a complaint to the Charity commission and again he has withdrawn his complaints. Now he has gone to the media about certain talks held years ago when at the time Dr Suhaib Hasan was Chairman and Usama Hasan was vice Chairman and both of these individual were in charge of arranging all talks in the Mosque. This particular talked was personally arranged by Usama with his close friend Abu Muntasir from Jimas. Surely these individuals need to investigated first ?

  4. Yunus says:

    Usama has crossed over…we should cease all engagement forthwith.

  5. I pray the best for the Believers in UK.

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