A Walk Around Clerkenwell

Three days ago, on Bank Holiday Monday, I finally got round to trying out one of the walks from Alan Duncan’s ‘Favourite London Walks‘ book. I purchased the book around a year ago with the intention of learning more about London’s history.

I chose to do the Clerkenwell walk as it seemed the easiest to get to and I wasn’t confident that the weather would hold up long enough to try out one of the more longer walks.

Within a couple of minutes I arrived at Spa Fields or was it St James’ Church – I honestly can’t remember. What a useless blogger I am! Anyway, on the railings there was this sign saying ‘Alcohol Control Zone’ which threatened a fine against anyone drinking alcohol in the area:

I haven’t come across these signs before. I did a quick look up on Google and apparently an increasing number of local councils in the UK are introducing these ‘no alcohol zones’ to try and curb anti-social behaviour.

Next, I visited the medieval Priory of St John of Jerusalem. I’d previously heard of the crusading Knights of St John but what I did not know until now was that the modern St John’s Ambulance Brigade are the modern heirs of that historical order.

I had a pleasant time in the nearby Museum which recounted the history of the crusades and the defeat of the Knights of St John and their relocation to Rhodes (where they were also defeated) and then their final relocation to Malta where they managed to hold out against the might of the Turkish Sultan, Sulayman the Magnificent in 1565.

Next I visited this lovely medieval archway which leads to church of St Bartholomew the Great – London’s oldest church. My photo is from the back of the archway so you won’t see the church, sorry.

Isn’t that just lovely? Must try another walk soon.

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1 Response to A Walk Around Clerkenwell

  1. Mr A Tailor says:

    You try out the Muslim History Walk of Central London Sat 16th June

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