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“Britain Will Have Third World Economy By 2014”

There was a very interesting – and quite worrying – article published on the al-Jazeera website today consisting of an interview with the Economic Editors of the right-wing Mail on Sunday (Dan Atkinson) and the left-leaning Guardian (Larry Elliott) about … Continue reading

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Egyptians Win: Our Idiot PM David Cameron Loses

One person who will certainly not be happy with the victory of the Muslim Brotherhood”s Muhammad Mursi in Egypt’s first ever free Presidential election will be our twit of a Prime Minister, David Cameron. Back in February 2011, soon after … Continue reading

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Suhaib Hasan Gives His Views on Masjid Tawhid Dispute

Suhaib Hasan, longtime Imam at Masjid Tawhid in Leyton and whose family has been at the centre of a long-running dispute there, has published his version of events on a rival ‘official’ mosque website. There had been an arbitration process … Continue reading

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Hasan Family Ousted From Masjid Tawhid?

It looks at the moment as if the faction opposed to the Hasan family has asserted their control over Masjid Tawhid, Leyton. The mosque has been the centre of a long-running dispute between rival factions. There had been an arbitration … Continue reading

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Masjid Tawhid Announces Dismissal of Suhaib Hasan

Following on from the news a couple of weeks ago that the new Quilliamite Usama Hasan had written to the Charity Commission to ask them to investigate alleged extremism at Masjid Tawhid – from where he had only recently resigned … Continue reading

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Nafeez Ahmed Seeks to Explain His Actions Re: MYH Scandal

Nafeez Ahmed, the husband of the former MYH CEO Akeela Ahmed has written a post on his website seeking to give his side of the story regarding the shocking letters he and his wife sent to the police and counter-terrorism … Continue reading

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Who Is Trying to Knife Baroness Warsi?

I received a call today from a journalist asking if I had any information about Baroness Warsi. The journo was after some dirt that he evidently hoped would finally bury Warsi. For the past few weeks the Sunday Telegraph and … Continue reading

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