Usama Hasan Joins Quilliam: And In Other News, A Bear Goes to the Woods…

The Quilliam Foundation’s staff numbers have been rather drastically shrinking in the past year not least due to a reduction in the amount of money they have been getting from the government due to cutbacks. But it seems they still have enough funding to take on one more person in the shape of Usama Hasan. The appointment doesn’t come as much surprise. Usama’s trajectory has been clear for some time now.

Last year, a number of pro-Israel MPs came together and scheduled a debate in parliament to demand that the government continue to provide funds to the Quilliam Foundation.

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12 Responses to Usama Hasan Joins Quilliam: And In Other News, A Bear Goes to the Woods…

  1. Asim says:

    Usama Hasan is an admirable man. He’s rightly spoken out on issues such as extremism and evolution in the past. I hope he’ll continue to speak his mind.

    • Asim: You also said in the comments box here that David Cameron’s disastrous Munich speech trashing multiculturalism was a good speech:

      And you criticised those inspiring women who got politically active and worked so hard in Bradford West to help Galloway send a strong message to our main political parties about their complacency and corruption.

      So, I am not surprised that you are a fan of Usama. Indeed, quite a few ‘Islamic’ organisations have been dallying with him in recent years. Especially those that crave government funding.

      I have written extensively about evolution here and elsewhere and Usama’s views on evolution show a distinct improvement in recent years. That does not, however, excuse his naivety and misjudgement elsewhere, including in relation to Quilliam.

  2. fugstar says:

    Is that it? what does Usama’s trajectory and station say about our dignity?

  3. Ali Abdullah says:

    It’s almost a non-story. He was a QF ‘advisor’ from the beginning after all. The only real question is where they’re getting the money from to pay him.

    • Ali: Figures published previously showed that the bulk of the QF’s funding was coming from the Home Office and the Foreign Office. Last year, the Home Office initially stated that they intended to withdraw their funding due to departmental budget cutbacks. But then there was an outcry from Zionist MPs who clearly believed that QF was providing a valuable service as far as they were concerned – see the link I posted in my blog above. So, I don’t know what happened next – but it seems reasonable to assume that their funding has been substantially reduced. A Freedom of Information request would help clarify matters.

  4. Patel says:

    In light of this, do you think ISB will re-think their current love-in with Usama?

    • Patel: I know some senior ISB figures who think Usama is very wrong in his judgement about Quilliam. I know other senior ISB figures who unfortunately share his views on Quilliam. The truth is that aspirations to receive governmental favours has corrupted quite a few Muslim organisations in recent years.

  5. Yunus says:

    Dangers of studying artificial intelligence (LOL) this individual’s arrogance is now legendary, I guess it is the final straw when you climb into bed with the Munaffiqoon. He knows full-well what they are all about and yet he rejects all the good-willed advice from trusted sources. Let this be a lesson to those who tread the path of pseudo intellectualism in matters of Deen that have been set in stone by or Prophet (pbuh) and his heirs, our principled yet enlightened scholarship who know where the boundries are. Shame on you ISB for lionising this individual and supporting him blindly. A good brotherly clip round the ear a few years ago may have saved from this end, my colleagues will Insha’Allah be sending a reminder dossier to all community activists about the Quilliam ilk. May Allah (swt) save us from their machinations and conspiracies.

    • I know several senior ISB figures who are no fans of Quilliam and believe Usama Hasan is very wrong to have been supporting them. I also know of several senior ISB figures who are more positive about Quilliam and Usama Hasan. So. it would be better and more accurate if you did not lump everyone together.

  6. Patel says:

    There may be dissenting voices within the ISB leadership, but as an organisation ISB have embraced UH and other unsavoury characters (see their Plain (!) Islam website). Accordingly, it is right and proper to criticise them as a whole. Indeed their leadership is elected and those members who reject the plainly misguided route ISB are now taking should step away ASAP; as I know many have already done so (including myself).

  7. Yunus says:

    With all due respect Br Inayat, Br Patel has commented correctly. I remember when ISB made a public statement of support for Usama during the Evolution debacle, in the same way they should have collectively made a statement distancing themselves from his recent shenanigans. Regretfully, individuals like him take strength from mainstream organisations which show them support, whether its JIMAS, Masjid Tawhid, City Circle or ISB…the time has come to cut ties and make clear that complicity with those who have been responsible in criminalising and smearing the most active, progressive (in most cases) and principled engagement based institutions and organisations within the community, is unacceptable and we stand united against the conspioracy that is Quilliam. And Allah (swt) knows best.

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