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ENGAGE advert in the New Statesman this week

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A Visit to Norway’s Crusader King (well, his grave anyway!)

A couple of weeks ago, I got the opportunity to visit Oslo. I had been invited to take part in a panel discussion about multiculturalism, Islam and freedom and used the generous amount of free time I had to look … Continue reading

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Tawhid Mosque Dispute Nearing End?

Well, it appears that the inter-Salafi dispute at the Tawhid Mosque in Leyton which I wrote about some months ago is nearing an end – at least according to new Quilliamite Usama Hasan. Usama posted a piece on his blog … Continue reading

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Report from the EDL Demo in Luton today

I attended the English Defence League march and demonstration today in Luton (as I also did last year) and posted a number of live tweets from there. The demo began with the EDL supporters gathering in Park Street. I was … Continue reading

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Peter Oborne’s List of MPs That Grovelled & Refused to Grovel to Murdoch

In his Daily Telegraph column today, Peter Oborne provides an important list of MPs that he says grovelled and refused to grovel before Rupert Murdoch’s mighty News International. “Here are the News International crowd: Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Peter Mandelson, … Continue reading

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Usama Hasan Joins Quilliam: And In Other News, A Bear Goes to the Woods…

The Quilliam Foundation’s staff numbers have been rather drastically shrinking in the past year not least due to a reduction in the amount of money they have been getting from the government due to cutbacks. But it seems they still … Continue reading

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