George Galloway Wins Big in Bradford West

George Galloway’s remarkable win in the Bradford West by-election last night means the return of a formidable and charismatic voice in parliament that can be relied upon to staunchly oppose any Israeli-led war against Iran. Well done to the people of Bradford West for punishing the Westminster political classes for their corruption and complacency.

There were some who were gleefully hoping and predicting that Galloway would lose, including a twit called Hasan Afzal on McCarthy’s Place who joked about “George Galloway’s soon to be failed bid to take Bradford West.”

Contrast the return of Galloway with this latest story in today’s Guardian about Adam Werritty – the former adviser to the Tory Minister, Liam Fox. You can read more about Werritty and his meetings with Israeli officials here. It is truly regrettable how big money continues to corrupt Westminster politics.

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4 Responses to George Galloway Wins Big in Bradford West

  1. The Count of Monte Cristo in a Bubble Car says:

    An unprincipled slime bag, or a latter-day Lord Haw-Haw, like Galloway could only win in a place like Bradford West. This is because it has a sufficiently large number of Muslims for whom Galloway’s anti-British, anti-Israeli and pro-Islamist message resonated. The voters of Bradford West have, in effect, stuck two fingers up at the rest of the United Kingdom by voting this plastic Muslim into office. Galloway even used the fact he doesn’t drink alcohol on his election material to curry favour (no pun intended) with the medieval mindset of the grim bearded Islamist killjoys of Bradford West.

    The fact is that most of the population of the United Kingdom find Galloway cringe-worthy and repellant; this is a man who admires tyrants and whose saddest day was, according to his own admission, the day the Soviet Union collapsed. His association with Hamas and the murderous Iranian regime shows him for the unprincipled rat bag he really is. And being an unprincipled rat bag seems to have gone down well with the voters of Bradford West. More evidence, if it were needed, that the ‘religion of peace’ is going to bring communal strife, intolerance and violence to Britain as it has done in every single place it has placed its devil’s thumbprint on the face of this planet.

    One positive outcome of this clown’s election, however, will be that his obnoxious views and his traitorous agenda will become more well-known and understood amongst the population at large. There may then still be time to do something about it.

  2. hindutva inshallah says:

    Bradford, along with Luton and Birmingham should make plans to succeed from the UK just like Scotland. Once it succeeds it can unify with Pakistan.

  3. Madge Hirsch says:

    I see the election of inshallah masallah ‘I’m really a Muslim like you though no one has ever heard me pronounce the Shahada’ George is the only news Inayat has deemed worthy of comment during the last ten days. Not one word about the Toulouse killings. I expect if the perpetrator had been a right wing fanatic we would have heard no end of whining about racism and islamophobia. I suppose you couldn’t find any positive spin in the real story heh Inayat. You should read more Tariq Ramadan.
    The voters of Bradford West must have very short memories. Galloways antics on Big Brother did not go down well in Tower Hamlets and his arse licking praise of Asad should have caused any decent human being to reach for a sick bowl. They obviously lack brains as well as memories. Or perhaps they are not decent human beings. You must be either a nitwit or a scumbag to vote for Galloway.

  4. hindutva inshallah says:

    Don’t forget that the dissolution of the Soviet Union was the saddest day of shaik George’s life according to Shaik George. The same Soviet Union that ethnically cleansed muslim Chechens and the Ingush people. The islamophobic policies that now continued by its successor – Russia.

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