Max Hastings: Israeli PM Netanyahu is a racist ethnic cleanser

In a very revealing snippet in the middle of his Daily Mail article today, the experienced journalist and columnist Max Hastings – a former editor of the Daily Telegraph and the London Evening Standard – makes a very important disclosure about the Israeli Prime Minister, Binyamin Netenyahu:

“Netanyahu regards Arabs with contempt, and many years ago in my hearing expressed the hope that, in a future war, every Palestinian could be driven from the West Bank.

“He has repeatedly defied the pleas of President Obama to abandon illegal settlement building and is implacably hostile to Palestinian claims and aspirations.

“He brushes aside warnings from Western friends of Israel that his policies have crippled the moral standing of his country: Israel is progressively becoming a pariah.”

So, although we might have suspected as much, given Netanyahu’s continuous support for illegal Jewish settlement building in the occupied Palestinian territories, but we now have one of our most distinguished journalists saying unequivocally that Netanyahu is an anti-Arab racist and a would-be ethnic cleanser.

And Netanyahu was in the US this week urging the United States to start a war against Iran.

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7 Responses to Max Hastings: Israeli PM Netanyahu is a racist ethnic cleanser

  1. americans1st says:

    He sure is and blatant about it as matter of fact. I will add the article to my links.

    We need some real life activism to combat the Zionist threat everywhere.

    • Leo Francis says:

      As an educated person I am sure you have read Abbas’s Cairo speech four months ago when he stated (remember it was ABBAS, Head of the Palestinian Authority) ‘ I will not allow ONE Jew to be in my Palestinian State, not even part of a U.N. Force! Seems that Mr. Netanyahu has a companion not to mention the Little Fellow from Iran. At least try and be fair when making judgements on people. I do not condone rascism in any form.

  2. Sarah AB says:

    I see no problem in airing these facts, or assertions, about Netanyahu, or criticising his stance generally – but why do you have to illustrate them in such a way? It’s just distracting – now obviously I’m not saying you shouldn’t if you want to, but it doesn’t exactly help people find common ground.

  3. Sarah: I think the placard in the photograph alludes to a relevant question ie how is it that someone like Netanyahu who will be well aware of the danger of racial supremacism given what happened in Europe in the 1930s and 1940s can advocate and implement explicitly racist policies when in power. He really should know better.

  4. hindutva inshallah says:

    Inayat, can I ask if you know anything about Pakistan’s history. How can you talk about Israel when the Hindu proportion of the country we now call Pakistan declined from 20% at partition time to the 1% of today. Hindu right of return per chance?

  5. Brendan says:

    Inayat, thank you for that interesting comment. I think Max Hastings is correct in stating,
    “his (Netanyahu’s) policies have crippled the moral standing of his country: Israel is progressively becoming a pariah.”
    Hamas are in charge of their open air jail for exactly the same reason that Netanyahu is running Israel: it’s because they are both fully committed to violence to achieve their objectives and this has tragically had a resonance with their respective electorates.
    I note that Hastings admits these comments happened ‘many years ago’, we all tend to modify our views as the years go by and reality confront us; nevertheless the local Arabs need new strategies and tactics that are not wedded to violence or endless talk of violence. The old saying, ‘when you’re in a hole stop digging’ applies to their situation. They have tried and failed numerous times to win wars against Israel and lost all of them, at best the odd skirmish here and there has gone their way.
    No doubt you watch lots of Islamic preachers on cable TV or on line as I have, they are typically so predicable (and boring) when it comes to Israel, the messages can usually be simply summarised as: ‘Allah’s gonna kill the Jews and/or drive them into the sea, then we’ll get justice’. Modern Israel relies on these kind of genocidal pronouncements (whether hyperbole or not) from its neighbours to keep justifying its defense and security policies which have become the national idol, but I’m sure there are enough good citizens of Israel to see sense and return governments/leaders who will be progressive and compromise for peace, no doubt that can be true of the Palestinians too.
    Having said that I readily admit peace and justice for all remains a formidable challenge to the two strong willed peoples involved.
    Hindutva Inshallah, good point, when I lived Peshawar in the 90’s I think there was just one Hindu Temple left, not sure if it’s still there, I doubt it. However, the problem is how far do we go back?

  6. mostly harmless says:

    Nice find Inayat, bet Sarah AB won’t be cross posting on the cesspit that is Harry Place

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