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George Galloway Wins Big in Bradford West

George Galloway’s remarkable win in the Bradford West by-election last night means the return of a formidable and charismatic voice in parliament that can be relied upon to staunchly oppose any Israeli-led war against Iran. Well done to the people … Continue reading

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Review: Can We Talk About This?

I went along to the National Theatre yesterday evening to take part in a panel discussion about Lloyd Newson’s latest dance production ‘Can We Talk About This?’ which revolves around theme of freedom of speech, multiculturalism and Islam and is … Continue reading

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Max Hastings: Israeli PM Netanyahu is a racist ethnic cleanser

In a very revealing snippet in the middle of his Daily Mail article today, the experienced journalist and columnist Max Hastings – a former editor of the Daily Telegraph and the London Evening Standard – makes a very important disclosure … Continue reading

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Latest Figures on UK Religious Affiliation

The Daily Mail today has a report about the latest figures on religious affiliation in the UK released as part of the Labour Force Survey which is carried out annually by the Office of National Statistics. The ONS survey appears … Continue reading

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