Roger Waters – Britain should return the Falkland Islands

I have blogged previously about my love of Pink Floyd’s music. And it only increases! Roger Waters, the band’s main songwriter and bassist, has apparently called on the UK government to return the Falkland Islands. A few months ago he also declared a boycott of Israel due to its occupation of Palestinian lands and its illegal Jewish settlement building programme.

It is rather odd that in 2012 Britain should still be holding on to the Falkland Islands on the other side of the world.

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20 Responses to Roger Waters – Britain should return the Falkland Islands

  1. ADC says:

    It’s only odd if you ignore the fact that people live there, and have lived there for generations, who have no desire to be handed over to a foreign country. Just a small thing called self-determination.

    And since Argentina never actually owned the Falkland Islands in the first place, it’s hard to see how they could be “handed back”.

  2. unit 101 says:

    I have no idea who you are but once again, like so many of the left and Islamist extreme right, the whole concept of self determination goes out the window when there is a chance to bash Britain. Like the population of Gibraltar the people of the Falklands wish to remain British with no change to the status quo.

    This right is enshrined in the UN Declaration of Human Rights and has been used by many former colonies of European powers to gain independence. This right is absolute. No discussion.

  3. What a poor defence of colonialism! Come on, admit it, it does look a bit silly to still be holding on in 2012 to some islands several thousands of miles away and on the other side of the world and that were first occupied in colonial times.

    • hindutva inshallah says:

      Hello Inayat, does it matter that it is thousands of miles away? Those Falklanders want to be British. Plus the Argentines are themselves descendents of Spanish colonials or Zionists. To my knowledge the Falklands were empty when the British arrived. Would you make the same the comment if some British muslims had ‘enriched’ the place?

      • Well, it depends on what you regard as sensible policy. I don’t think it is very sensible to hold on to the Falkland Islands when they are so far away and they only house around 3000 UK nationals. To think that over 250 UK soldiers died in 1982 defending that territory seems to be a terrible waste of lives. And would you really be prepared to lay down your life to defend those islands? I certainly wouldn’t and I wouldn’t want to expect others in the Army to do so either.

  4. Matt says:

    So your suggesting that the land should be taken against the wishes of the native population and if they dont like it perhaps they can go somewhere else, all I should add in the name of the oil which Argentina wishes to exploit.

    Its like you have the settler and neo con mindset rolled into one Inayat!

    • Ah, the oil! And you accuse me of having the settler and neo-con mindset!

      • hindutva inshallah says:

        Yes the oil. Did you think the Argentines were interested in sheep? Anyway I’m off to Bangladesh next month, could you recommend any sights from that wonderful country?

    • hindutva inshallah says:

      Well said Matt. Seems that white British cannot be victims of neoconservatism as well as racism.

  5. Roger says:

    ‘II have blogged previously about my love of Pink Floyd’s music. And it only increases! ‘
    Allowing your musical tastes to influence your political views (and vice-versa) is as foolish as alllowing your religious views to.

    Who should the Falklands be ‘given back’ to- France or Spain? Argentina did not exist when the British settlement was established. In fact, given the condition of Argentina, it would probably benefit from being taken over by the Falkland Islands.

  6. george says:

    Once again the Roger Waters/Inay of the world explain the truth behind their anti semitic anti British tirades. People are too far away; it creates problems; monsters with guns (or suicide packs on their backs) will be aggravated unless we give in to them.

    These are the same people who would have said yes to Hitler; who will say yes to the Taliban; who do yes to restrictions on free speech so as to not upset Islamofascists. If they prevail we will be living in a 14th century theocracy – or dead.

  7. The Count of Monte Cristo in a Bubble Car says:

    More evidence, if it were needed, of your fundamentally anti-British mindset.

    Your analysis as to why the Falkland Islanders, who are of British origin, should have their destinies handed over to Spanish-speaking Argentina is facile.

  8. Count: Are Morrissey and Roger Waters ‘anti-British’ too because they regard the occupation of the Falkland Islands as a relic from the days of colonialism? Here are some nice British words for you: ‘Fuck off back to McCarthy’s Place’.

  9. Symon says:

    Roger Waters comment to “Return” the Falklands implies that Argentina own them
    No we own them not Argentina, but knowing our invertebrate Leaders they will probably hand it back

  10. Borra says:

    In 1833 the British Empire FORCIBLY reoccupied the Malvinas after a problems between the Argentine Government (called “Confederación ARGENTINA” back then) and “American” interests (USS Lexington may not ring a bell to you but it does when you are Argentine), in a early instace of the “Special Relationship”. I seem to have to inform you, oh loyal subjects of the British (actually German) Royal Family, that THERE ACTUALLY WERE people there, workers, sailors, “gauchos” and a governor, just like that funny guy with the horrendous costume who said he’d never surrender fifteen minutes before leaving the Islands… Rex Hunt I think he was called. Anyway, there were some Frenchmen there, and a couple of Spaniards, but most of the “Islanders” back then were born here, in Argentina, a country independent since 1810, and known as “Argentina” at least since the end of the 1820’s. There’s no need to thank me for this oh so useful information.

  11. Mac says:

    Borra get your facts right you twit!
    Argentina Independence happend in 1816 and not 1810 as you say! The falklands was discovered and landed on in 1690 by Captain John Strong! The first claim made over the islands was in 1765 by British captain John Byron. the Britain only re-established its rule in 1833! It was named Malvinas in 1764 by a French man Louis Antoine de Bougainville, after the fisherman from the Breton port of Saint-Malo in France! Malvinas is not even a spanish word but they even claim that as well… If truth be known is was the Portuguese and Dutch who landed their first but they ddn’t make a claim. The spanish are known cheats all their claims over the islands along with Argentina are fauls.

  12. Mac says:

    Borra for you info, nearly all european royal families are related in some way or another! that includeds the Spaish British and German.

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  14. Ahmed says:

    The Falkland Islands never belonged to Argentina in the first place. When waves of Europeans where sailing towards South America for a new life, thousands of Spanish and Portuguese decided to settle in South America. Meanwhile a few dozen British decided to settle in some uninhabited islands that they started referring to as the Falkland Islands. There were no indigenous people living on these islands. Decades later the Spanish colonists declared independence and the country of Argentina was born.

    So British control of the Falklands pre-dates the country of Argentina itself. We should all believe in the right to self-determination and the indigenous population of the Falklands should have the absolute right to decide whether they wish to belong to Britain, Argentina or indeed become independent.

    The distance between Britain and the Falklands is irrelevant. By that same logic, Alaska should be transferred to the Canadians (from the Americans), Greenland should be transferred to the Icelanders (from the Danish) and the Faroe Islands should be transferred to the British (from the Danish).

    It’s strange how the same Argentines who are demanding the islands be transferred to them are the descendants of Spanish colonists themselves, many of whom participated in killing the indigenous populations and destroying the cultures of the land that they later declared independence in. A bit similar to Israel actually.

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