PM Cameron Silent about ‘Muscular Liberalism’ on Visit to Saudi Arabia

What a twat David Cameron is. Back in February last year, in his infamous Munich speech, David Cameron outlined his government’s approach towards UK Muslims.

He said that his government would not work with Muslims who did not support democracy, failed to support equality for women etc. More recently, his government said it would look to see how foreign governments were treating their gay minorities when deciding whether or not to award foreign aid to them.

Yet, during his recent visit to the immensely corrupt Saudi Kingdom, which sent troops to crush the pro-democracy uprising in Bahrain last year, prohibits its female population from driving cars, and where the punishment for being gay is execution, Cameron appears to have raised not a single word about human rights.

Strange, eh? And nothing whatsoever to do with the long-standing understanding whereby the USA/UK provide security to the Saudi rulers, while they in return spend billions of their oil dollars making purchases of Western arms.

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2 Responses to PM Cameron Silent about ‘Muscular Liberalism’ on Visit to Saudi Arabia

  1. LibertyPhile says:

    You might like to see that your post above leads this week’s update at LibertyPhile (on the other hand you might not (!), but just in case here is the link: ).

  2. Yakoub says:

    That’s the thing with Western neoliberal capitalists. It’s not that the only good Muslim is a dead Muslim. In their code of morality, the only good Muslim is a RICH Muslim. In fact, the only good HUMAN BEING is one that is LOADED. The rest of us must do as we are jolly well told, while we wave the planet and progressive human culture goodbye. Keep on buying!

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