Is War With Iran Inevitable?

The Guardian yesterday published an interesting debate between Abbas Edalat – an Iranian anti-war activist – and the former Conservative Foreign Secretary, Malcolm Rifkind.

Rifkind appeared very eager for the Iranian government to be brought to heel and characterised it as a spreader of destabilisation in the region. Edalat, on the other hand, pointed out that Iran has not invaded another country in over 250 years, while the real invaders and aggressors are to be found somewhat closer to the capital cities of the USA, the UK and Israel.

Unfortunately, it does seem that a covert war against Iran is already underway. Recent months have seen the assassination of a number of Iranian scientists and some mysterious explosions at Iranian military sites.

Just when you thought that our ever-so-civilised Western leaders had seen enough innocent blood shed in the Middle East they seem more than ready to spill even more in support of the terrorist Israeli state.

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7 Responses to Is War With Iran Inevitable?

  1. Brendan says:

    Edalat, on the other hand, pointed out that Iran has not invaded another country in over 250 years….

    thats because they do it by proxy!

  2. Zarook says:

    If they have done it by proxy please name the incidents and the wars

  3. Brendan says:

    how about Lebanon for starters…

  4. Brendan says:

    Amin. I take it you are suggesting Iran has not and is not fighting a proxy war in South Lebanon…? Meanwhile on planet reality if you want a more up to date example of an Iranian invasion then look no further than the moment the noble leaders of the Islamic republic allowed or encouraged a mob to trash our embassy in Tehran after Friday prayers which I’m you are aware constitutes an invasion of sovereign territory under international law. Yes all nations meddle in the affairs of their neighbours and of others, Iran is no exception

    • Amin says:

      And the involvement of Israel in Lebanon was done DIRECTLY by likes of Ariel Sharon and etc.
      Netanyahu too is guilty as charged. That murdering beast is in power now – Sharon was before.

      No other state can get away with Israel gets away with

      Proxy wars (West and Westerners are good at labels) DOES NOT CONSTITUTE invasion.
      Also this has got nothing to do with Israel and its mad actions.

      Iran has NEVER invaded another country. The point made by the author stands.

  5. Richard Nicholas Wright says:


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