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Evolution as Fact and Theory

I am currently reading – amidst all my Cisco books – Peter Atkins’ On Being. Atkins, a fellow at Lincoln College, Oxford, explores some of the great questions of existence. Where did the universe come from? What happens after we … Continue reading

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Christopher Hitchens – The World Is A Better Place Without Him

I thought the Guardian’s coverage yesterday of Christopher Hitchens’ death was a bit unbalanced. There was a long fawning article by his friend Ian McEwan and a much shorter piece by Frances Stonor Saunders that was a bit more critical … Continue reading

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Conservative Home Publishes Apology to Sir Iqbal Sacranie for Paul Goodman’s Smear

 As predicted here two days ago, Conservative Home have today published a formal apology to Sir Iqbal Sacranie for the slanderous accusations against him made by their Executive Editor, Paul Goodman. Here is the apology in full: Sir Iqbal Sacranie … Continue reading

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Paul Goodman’s libellous article deleted from Conservative Home

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about an article written on Conservative Home by Paul Goodman – a key figure in the UK’s Israel Lobby. Goodman made what appeared to me to be a false and slanderous assertion about … Continue reading

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Is War With Iran Inevitable?

The Guardian yesterday published an interesting debate between Abbas Edalat – an Iranian anti-war activist – and the former Conservative Foreign Secretary, Malcolm Rifkind. Rifkind appeared very eager for the Iranian government to be brought to heel and characterised it as a spreader … Continue reading

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So, farewell then…Dev Anand

Got to add a line of appreciation to Dev Anand for introducing Zeenat Aman to the world in Hare Krishna Hare Ram singing Dum Maro Dum. Still sounds awesome after 40 years. Watch 4 mins into this Youtube clip to … Continue reading

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