Jesus is ‘shitty’ say some Muslims – according to the Torygraph

There is a strange story in the Sunday Telegraph today about a Christian woman who claims she was unfairly dismissed from her job at Heathrow Airport’s duty free section after she allegedly made offensive remarks about her Muslim colleagues.

The Torygraph reports the Christian woman as saying that she had not done anything wrong and in fact it was some of her Muslim colleagues who had made grossly offensive remarks to her. She claims that they said “that Jesus is s***** [shitty] and bullied a Christian friend of mine so much for wearing her crosses that she came to me crying.”

This sounds a bit fanciful to me. It is unthinkable that any Muslim would describe the Prophet Jesus (‘alayhis salaam) in this way. Despite the serious Islamic criticism of the Christian doctrine of the Trinity, never – not once – have I ever heard Jesus referred to in anything but the most polite and respectful terms by Muslims. Still, the story serves to portray Muslims in a bad light so that is clearly more than sufficient for a vile rag like the Torygraph.

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3 Responses to Jesus is ‘shitty’ say some Muslims – according to the Torygraph

  1. Brendan says:

    This story begs a lot more questions than answers. Let’s hope the truth emerges. On the issue of Jesus and Muslims it is interesting to note that the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) has recently banned the name of “Jesus Christ” from text messages due to apparent offense….

  2. SKhan says:

    I find this story a little bit hard to believe. Why would we as Muslims insult our own Messiah, alayhi’ salaam? That would be as bad as a Muslim insulting Muhammad, salallahu alayhi’ wa sallam. Nevertheless, if they did bully the Christian for wearing a cross, that is wrong by the standards of the Qur’an. Christians are Ahl al Kitab and besides, we are told to refrain from even insulting idols: Do not curse the idols they set up beside Allah, lest they blaspheme and curse Allah out of ignorance. [6:108]

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