Manchester Muslim Family Faces Israel-Style Collective Punishment

Very worrying development in Manchester where three generations of a family face eviction from their home under a new law that allows the police to seek the forfeiture of a property if they believe it was used for terrorist purposes. The BBC have the story here.

It seems that Israel-style collective punishment – a crime under international law – has finally arrived in the UK.

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6 Responses to Manchester Muslim Family Faces Israel-Style Collective Punishment

  1. Brendan says:

    Your quite right. This is a disturbing story. I know of a church leader trying to help this family. It’s also poignant to remember that terrorism is the quintessential ‘collective punishment’

  2. KMH says:

    The real issue here is that Munir Farooqi has let down his family and adopted country by choosing to engage in criminal activities which have led to his conviction and a custodial sentance. Right minded people understand that their responsibilities when it comes to their families. He will be accomodated in jail for nine plus years, meanwhile his family could become homeless – what a selfish little man.

  3. @ Brendan: Yes, good point.

    @KMH: Munir Farooqi has been convicted in a court of law. That is no excuse to punish his family by making them homeless. Israel is a vile racist state. The UK should not be taking its lead from a country which revels in flouting international law..

    • KMH says:

      @Inayat: Sorry I wasn’t very clear. What I was trying to say is that Farooqi, having chosen to be a criminal, knew that were he caught there would be some negative impact on his family, i.e. his nearest and dearest. I am not supporting this law, what I am saying that this whole situation stems directly from Farooqi’s actions and attitude toward his personal responsibilities.

  4. KMH says:

    @aminriahd: I agree, a bad law is not Farooqi’s fault. What is his fault is that in choosing to pursue immoral and criminal activities he has left his family vulnerable to a bad law which other wise would not have been on their horizon. When a man has a wife, children and grandchildren living with him he has to think about the consequences of his deeds.

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