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Racist woman on London Tram

The most astonishing thing about this video is not the crude BNP/EDL type abuse – I think most of us who are not white-skinned have witnessed such abuse – but the fact that the bigoted lady is holding a young … Continue reading

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Jesus is ‘shitty’ say some Muslims – according to the Torygraph

There is a strange story in the Sunday Telegraph today about a Christian woman who claims she was unfairly dismissed from her job at Heathrow Airport’s duty free section after she allegedly made offensive remarks about her Muslim colleagues. The … Continue reading

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Paul Goodman on latest Govt Plans for UK Muslims

Paul Goodman of Conservative Home – and a key figure in the UK’s Israel lobby – posted a fascinating article yesterday about the latest behind-the-scenes developments in government regarding its relationship with British Muslims. I am busy with work at … Continue reading

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Jewish Chronicle asks readers if Iran should be bombed

The Jewish Chronicle on its website is currently asking its readers to vote on whether Israel should ‘take unilateral action against Iran’. Can you imagine the reaction if the situation was reversed and a paper such as the Muslim News … Continue reading

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Our Jewish Ambassador to Israel and the Plot to Attack Iran

Craig Murray has uncovered an astonishing story about the current UK Ambassador to Israel Matthew Gould (pictured above in 2010, second from right, at a Leeds Zionist Federation meeting of all places), his connections with the pro-Israeli lobbyist Adam Werritty … Continue reading

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Manchester Muslim Family Faces Israel-Style Collective Punishment

Very worrying development in Manchester where three generations of a family face eviction from their home under a new law that allows the police to seek the forfeiture of a property if they believe it was used for terrorist purposes. … Continue reading

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Norman Finkelstein Speaking Tour in UK

Professor Norman Finkelstein, the author of the brilliant books, ‘The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering’ and ‘Beyond Chutzpah: On the Misuse of anti-Semitism and the Abuse of History’ has a series of speaking engagements in the … Continue reading

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