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Immigration Tribunal Upholds Raed Salah Ban

MEMO reports that the Immigration Tribunal has upheld the Home Secretary Theresa May’s decision to ban the Palestinian leader, Shaykh Raed Salah, from the UK. Readers may recall that Raed Salah was arrested soon after arriving in the UK for … Continue reading

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“When Islamophobes Fall Out”

Islamophobia Watch have posted a superb analysis entitled “When Islamophobes Fall Out” about the recent spat between Douglas Murray and Paul Goodman. Both Murray and Goodman are part of the cabal that constantly scaremongers about ‘Islamists’ in the UK and … Continue reading

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Were Liam Fox and Adam Werritty Mossad’s ‘Useful Idiots’?

So asks the former UK Ambassador to Uzbekistan and long-time Foreign Office diplomat, Craig Murray, in an article in the Mail on Sunday today. The former Defence Secretary, Liam Fox, had been combatively responding to the mounting allegations against him … Continue reading

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Richard Dawkins says Muslim schools teach ‘alien rubbish’

The well-known scientist, atheist and best-selling author, Richard Dawkins, has once again gone on the offensive against religion, this time in the shape of Muslim faith schools, which he says teach ‘alien rubbish’ about creation instead of evolution. “Occasionally, my … Continue reading

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RIP: Graham Dilley & Thank You for the Magical Memory of Headingley ’81

How sad to hear about the death of the former England cricketer, Graham Dilley, at the relatively young age of 52. I was twelve years old in 1981 when I watched him on telly providing fabulous support to Ian Botham … Continue reading

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