When Did Apes Become Human?

When did our ape ancestors become human and start believing in God, heaven and hell etc? That is the question the scientist Richard Dawkins poses to the Catholic journalist Christina Odone in today’s Saturday Guardian debate. Dawkins asks:

“At what stage in evolutionary history do you think that started? With Homo erectus? Homo sapiens? There must have been some sort of divide.”

Odone responds as follows:

“I believe it’s about free will – it was when primitive people began to make moral choices.”

Interestingly, when discussing the story of Adam, the Qur’an on several occasions mentions that Adam disobeyed His Creator’s order to refrain from eating the fruit of a tree ie it is implicit in the story that he had been granted the free will to obey and disobey.

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4 Responses to When Did Apes Become Human?

  1. Asim says:

    I’ve now come to the view that evolution must be taught in all schools and indeed that creationism can have no place in science lessons. It is not right to interpret the entire Quran literally, and I believe the story of Adam and Eve story should be taken in an allegorical sense not literal.

  2. KMH says:

    As early humans evolved they became increasingly curious about themselves and everything around them. They also became aware that they would die one day. So they brought religion into existance to answer their questions about how and why everything came to be (nowadays we use science). Religion also enabled them to create the notion of a supernatural afterlife and thereby provided them with the comforting delusion of immortality.

    • aminriadh says:

      You seem to be a little confused dear … the notion … if it is that was of deity not religion. People who do not believe in a deity still often have a religious type of body. They socialize, congregate and even proselytizer for converts.

      You can go beyond the time of the great Greek philosophers in history to show that concept of a deity – is a singular concept (despite the 100s of name for individual God/s).

      Furthermore they saw “deity” as a logical choice. Today, the logical conclusion is inconclusive – atheism is as much illogical as theism. Many great scientist were not hard core atheists (like Dawkins) but more agnostic… including Darwin.

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