The US in Afghanistan – Bankrupt Financially and Morally

The news today that the United States has admitted that thirty of its troops – mostly special forces – have been killed in Afghanistan when their helicopter was downed, reportedly by the Taliban, serves to highlight the bankruptcy of US policy in Afghanistan.

Ten years after the Taliban were supposedly defeated, they are stronger than at any point since the US invasion of 2001. The I-Casualties website lists the foreign Coalition fatalities year by year and it clearly shows the increasing effectiveness of the Afghan resistance fighters in confronting the foreign occupation forces in their country.

The Afghan war is taking a huge toll on the United States. According to the BBC, the military occupation in Afghanistan is costing the US a colossal $2 Billion a week. At a time when the US financial deficit has led to the US losing its top AAA credit rating for the first time ever and China – the largest holder of US debt – has demanded a move away from the dollar and called for a new global reserve currency, many US citizens must be asking how on earth they can afford the senseless Afghan war and the damage it is causing to their economy.

And this is not to even mention the heartbreaking toll the US invasion has taken on the poor civilian population of Afghanistan. We can obtain a tiny glimpse of what they must be enduring thanks to this shocking video obtained by Wikileaks which glaringly reveals the utter disdain with which US forces treated the lives of Iraqi civilians and their obscene attitude towards them.

No wonder Julian Assange – the Wikileaks founder – is now facing a campaign to destroy him.

Update: See Craig Murray ‘End of the American Empire’

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