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University staff asked to inform on ‘vulnerable’ Muslim students

A worrying story today in the Guardian about increased spying on Muslim students. The Home Office sadly appears to be following the advice of some nasty right-wing thinktanks in its approach to dealing with UK Muslims.

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New Moon on Monday – ‘Id Mubarak!

Apologies in advance to those who don’t remember the 1980’s with fondness! Although I must admit that even after all these years I still can’t decypher the lyrics and have no idea what on earth Simon Le Bon was singing … Continue reading

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Oily Western Leaders & Libya

Nice cartoon by Gary Barker in the Guardian today.

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The Martyr Bouazizi Who Helped Launch Multiple Revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya

There are some wonderful scenes on our TV screens once again as we see Libyans joyfully celebrating the imminent fall of the dictator Gaddafi. At the start of the year it was Bin Ali in Tunisia who fled the country … Continue reading

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When The Moors Ruled in Europe

Just finished watching a beautiful and very informative documentary on More 4 called ‘When The Moors Ruled in Europe’ about the 700 year history and influence of Islamic Spain – al-Andalus. The two hour programme reminded us that in Spain, … Continue reading

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The US in Afghanistan – Bankrupt Financially and Morally

The news today that the United States has admitted that thirty of its troops – mostly special forces – have been killed in Afghanistan when their helicopter was downed, reportedly by the Taliban, serves to highlight the bankruptcy of US … Continue reading

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Professor Arberry’s debt to the Qur’an

This Ramadan I am reading Arthur J. Arberry’s translation of the Qur’an. I first came across Professor Arberry’s translation ‘The Koran Interpreted’ at university. I had borrowed it from the uni library and read it over the summer of 1989. … Continue reading

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