Peter Oborne lists three main challenges facing Cameron

Peter Oborne – in a characteristically thoughtful piece in today’s Daily Telegraph – lists three main challenges that he believes David Cameron faces in his premiership.

“…if he is fully to emerge from the sewer into which his News International connection has brought him, Mr Cameron still needs to wake up. This means remembering that the job of a prime minister is to focus on the long-term needs of the nation, not narrow political survival. It is already clear at this stage of the Cameron Government that three great challenges lie ahead. One is confronting the deficit; one is reforming the welfare state; and one is the restoration, under Michael Gove, of our profoundly damaged education system. If he achieves one of these targets, he will have led a decent government by recent standards. If he achieves two, he can be proud of having led one of the best governments of recent times. If three, Cameron will indeed have claims to have been a truly great prime minister.”

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