Quilliam’s Scaremongering Tweets on ‘Islamists’ and the Norway killings

Following on from the update to my blogpost below, I decided to take a look at the Tweets issued by the government-funded Quilliam Foundation after news broke about the bombing in Norway to see how they attempted to frame the news agenda. Do also look at their responses to some people who evidently urged them to avoid rashly assuming that the killings were the acts of ‘Islamists’ or ‘jihadists’. Here is a selection of the Quilliam Foundation’s tweets in chronological order:

Tweet 1

Norway is part of NATO mission in Afghanistan. Jihadists may therefore view it as a legitimate target. #Oslo #Norway

Tweet 2
Many Islamists conflate Scandinavian countries. E.g. in 2006 Norwegian embassies were attacked following Danish cartoons. #Oslo #Norway

Tweet 3
Norway currently has six F16 fighter-bombers deployed over Libya. Perhaps significant in #oslobombing . #Oslo #Norway

Tweet 4
@ThankUAndGnite We also cover far-right extremism but in our opinion Oslo is probably a jihadist attack. Do u disagree?

Tweet 5
@mizzidien @AbdulAzim We also cover far-right extremism. Looks like a jihadist attack to us however. Curious to know yr thoughts though.

Tweet 6
Major Norwegian newspapers reprinted the Danish Mohammed cartoons only last year. #Oslo #Norway #Oslobombing http://t.co/HP8hfUE

Tweet 7
Worth noting: Norwegian mountain troops and special forces have played a key role in Afghan fighting since 2001. #Oslo #Norway #Oslobombing

Tweet 8
Gaddafi also recently threatened attacks in mainland Europe. If #Oslo carbomb intended to minimise casualties, this could point to Libyans.

And in case anyone doubts that all this speculative bullshit by Quilliam would actually be taken seriously by seasoned journalists, have a read of this blog by Will Heaven, the Assistant Comment Editor at the Daily Telegraph.

Update: Islamophobia Watch have fine coverage of the Quilliam Foundation’s irresponsible antics in connection with the tragic events in Norway here.

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9 Responses to Quilliam’s Scaremongering Tweets on ‘Islamists’ and the Norway killings

  1. Bob says:

    Damn! I’d just compiled a list of all those Quilliam tweets myself for a post on Islamophobia Watch and now all my efforts were wasted.

  2. Sorry, Bob! Actually, where the QF are concerned I am sure there is plenty of room for everyone to join in and laugh at them and their moronic antics. Did you see their press release?


    Just incredible, given the utter crap they were spouting just yesterday.

  3. Bob says:

    A dramatic about-turn by James Brandon in particular. Yesterday the Independent was reporting:

    Jihadist networks have long singled out Norway as a legitimate – if low priority – target. As early as 2003 al-Qa’ida’s then number two and now leader Ayman al-Zawahiri specifically called on militants to attack the country in an audiotape condemning the invasion of Iraq. Norway also continues to have a small contingent of troops in northern Afghanistan.

    “Norway is part of Nato’s mission in Afghanistan and as far as jihadists are concerned, any country involved in what they see as an illegal occupation of Muslim territory is a legitimate target,” explains James Brandon, an expert on Isalmist militancy at the Quilliam Foundation.

  4. Asim says:

    I’ve sent an email to Will Heaven regarding his speculation on his blog; I’m not sure if I’ll get a reply. I wish I had the time to contact all the other journalists who wrongly jumped to conclusions about the culprits of the bombing.

  5. masrwatouness says:

    what a lame ‘Think Tank’ are those Quilliam people… they are so desperately trying to become revelant when they nevers achieved anything worth the money they are granted to ‘counter terrorism’

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