Kudos to the Guardian for holding the Murdoch empire to account

Huge respect is due to the Guardian for its role in leading the investigation into the scandal of the Murdoch empire and its shady, and indeed, criminal practices. Every day seems to bring more shocking news with the latest being News International’s astonishingly sleazy relationship with the Metropolitan Police.

And just think, only two weeks ago, it appeared as if our idiot PM David Cameron was about to allow Murdoch to buy up the rest of BSKYB.

So, I think we can forgive the Guardian for a bit of gloating today on page 2 in which they rightly point out that unlike the rest of the vile UK press, the Guardian itself is the only daily UK paper to be owned by a trust: the Scott Trust. This allows the paper an independence to engage in sustained investigative reporting.

It also means that it is not beholden to a right-wing proprietor and so does not have to constantly produce venomous stories about Muslims and immigrants ‘ruining’ this country.

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3 Responses to Kudos to the Guardian for holding the Murdoch empire to account

  1. babu says:

    You write “Guardian for a bit of gloating today on page 2” – could you copy the article to me, please, I cannot find it on the Guardian web site

  2. @ babu:

    No – I read it in the print edition of the paper. I don’t know if it was also published online. I always try to buy the Saturday edition of the Guardian because it is such a good read.

    • babu says:

      It is a great read, but the print edition is not always available here in France.
      But just a minor quibble with your article: the Guardian is part of the Guardian Media Group, which is owned by The Scott Trust Limited, a not-for-profit company and NOT a trust

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