Raed Salah Freed on Bail

Wonderful news from the Friends of al-Aqsa.

15 July 2011

Shaykh Raed Salah’s application for bail was accepted today by a High Court judge. Despite being denied bail last week, Shaykh Raed’s appeal was successful and he is no longer being incarcerated in a British prison.

Ismail Patel, Chair of Friends of Al-Aqsa was at the hearing and stated: “It is a tremendous relief that Shaykh Raed’s bail application was successful. We thank the judge for taking this position – based on the evidence, he could reach no other conclusion. We need to also remind ourselves that this situation was wholly avoidable and the Home Secretary’s actions with regards to Shaykh Raed Salah were not backed up with any firm evidence.”

Friends of Al-Aqsa would like to thank everyone who has shown Shaykh Raed such tremendous support during this ordeal.

I blogged about this last week and can only reiterate how foolish the Home Office looks as a result of this whole episode. Let’s hope they come to their senses and stop harrassing Muslims at the behest of our vile pro-Israeli media.

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