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Peter Oborne lists three main challenges facing Cameron

Peter Oborne – in a characteristically thoughtful piece in today’s Daily Telegraph – lists three main challenges that he believes David Cameron faces in his premiership. “…if he is fully to emerge from the sewer into which his News International … Continue reading

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Quilliam’s Scaremongering Tweets on ‘Islamists’ and the Norway killings

Following on from the update to my blogpost below, I decided to take a look at the Tweets issued by the government-funded Quilliam Foundation after news broke about the bombing in Norway to see how they attempted to frame the … Continue reading

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Norway and the ‘Islamist’ bombing bullshit

Craig Murray writes about ‘Islamophobia run wild’ in connection with the appalling reporting on our news channels and a lot of the press about yesterday’s bombing and killings in Norway. Do read it in full. Update: Someone has just sent … Continue reading

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Israel lobby gloats over removal of ENGAGE from APPG on Islamophobia

Around six months ago, I wrote that pro-Israeli activists were involved in strenuous efforts to try and hobble a new All Party Parliamentary Group on Islamophobia that had been set up at the initiative of ENGAGE. Their efforts centred around … Continue reading

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Trouble at Tawhid Masjid Leyton

The ongoing quarrel between Shaykh Suhaib Hasan’s family (including his son Usama) and the Trustees of Masjid Tawhid, Leyton, shows no sign of abating. It now appears that those opposed to the Hasan family have gained control of the mosque’s … Continue reading

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Kudos to the Guardian for holding the Murdoch empire to account

Huge respect is due to the Guardian for its role in leading the investigation into the scandal of the Murdoch empire and its shady, and indeed, criminal practices. Every day seems to bring more shocking news with the latest being … Continue reading

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Raed Salah Freed on Bail

Wonderful news from the Friends of al-Aqsa. 15 July 2011 Shaykh Raed Salah’s application for bail was accepted today by a High Court judge. Despite being denied bail last week, Shaykh Raed’s appeal was successful and he is no longer … Continue reading

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