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Blair chooses Martin Lings’ ‘Muhammad’ as his Desert Island book

The Guardian today reports that the former PM Tony Blair has chosen Martin Lings’ wonderful biography of the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.S.) as one of the nine books he would want to have with him if he was stranded on a … Continue reading

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Prevent-ing Muslim Engagement

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about how it looked as if the government was going to adopt a hardline rejectionist position towards mainstream UK Muslim organisations with it’s Prevent strategy. And so it came to be. It wasn’t … Continue reading

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The Amazon Kindle and the death of the printed book

I finally got round to purchasing an Amazon Kindle device around 6 weeks ago. I bought the Wi-Fi edition for £111 (as compared with £152 for the 3G edition) and what a wonderful device it is! The main reason I … Continue reading

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Prevent review to sideline ‘extremists’

There has been a vigorous campaign in the UK these past few years by assorted groups and key individuals to block the political engagement of Muslim organisations. Hence the campaign against the MCB and others (mirroring the similar campaign against … Continue reading

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