The Shy People Behind Ummah Pulse

Over the past few months quite a few people have contacted me to ask if I know who the seemingly shy people behind the Ummah Pulse website really are. I have responded by saying that I honestly don’t know but from the general tenor of the articles they publish he/she/they seem to be writing mainly from a traditionalist Deobandi perspective.

A couple of months ago, the Salaam website ran a short item entitled ‘Scarlet Pimpernel Karima Hamdan’ trying to entice one of Ummah Pulse’s elusive writers out into the open. Without success, alas.

But wait. Just today I received a tip from a good friend allegedly in the know saying that the people behind Ummah Pulse are not entirely disconnected from the people who used to be behind the website at this link. Could it be true?

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2 Responses to The Shy People Behind Ummah Pulse

  1. mantismaster says:

    I very much doubt they are Deobandi leaning, especially when their main writer is a “Hamdan”, which is a name more commonly associated with Arabs. Its quite possible they writers from different backgrounds, united by a common aim. As for the link OCCRI link, they certainly are aiming in the same direction although the OCCRI website seems to be more academically leaning (have you seen their criteria to be part of OCCRI!). I have had contact with the Shuyukh at OCCRI, I personally do not think they are linked.

    Regardless of their background, they are doing a superb job in defending the Ummah and the results of the scorching pens of their writers speak volumes of their intellectual acumen. Masha’Allah

  2. Yasser says:

    How do I unsubscribe from ummahpulse emails? I don’t know how I got on there in the first place. I can find any contact info in their email or website to delist from their mailing list. If I can’t voluntarily unsubscribe I will serioudly consider reporting them to the Office of Fair Trading Standards. No matter how relevant or great there articles might be, they should not be forcibly sending unsolicited messages.

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