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Bosnia, Mladic and the Impact on UK Muslims

While much of the media covers the extradition of former Bosnian Serb General, Ratko Mladic, to The Hague, on war crimes charges, it is worth spending a few moments to reflect on how the tragedy in Bosnia impacted UK Muslims. … Continue reading

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The Shy People Behind Ummah Pulse

Over the past few months quite a few people have contacted me to ask if I know who the seemingly shy people behind the Ummah Pulse website really are. I have responded by saying that I honestly don’t know but … Continue reading

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Pink Floyd together again!

I was busy with a major network migration at work today so missed this wonderful story until just a few moments ago. It’s enough to make grown men of a certain age – my age – cry. David Gilmour, Pink … Continue reading

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A Little Treasure in Tring

Last Monday, following a tip from a Rabbi friend of mine, I took the kids to visit the Natural History Museum in Tring. The Museum was set up in Victorian times by Walter Rothschild of the famous banking dynasty. Walter … Continue reading

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