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A fine response to Stephen Hawking

Back in September last year, Professor Stephen Hawking, probably the world’s best known scientist, attracted front page headlines across the world by claiming in his book ‘The Grand Design’ to have ruled out God as the reason for the existence … Continue reading

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Daily Telegraph’s Matt on the French Burqa ban

  The incomparable Matt on the ridiculously illiberal French burqa ban in today’s Daily Telegraph. Just priceless.

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Pointing the Finger: Islam and Muslims in the British Media

Roy Greenslade, Professor of Journalism at City University, draws our attention over at his Guardian blog to what looks like an important new book ‘Pointing the Finger: Islam and Muslims in the British Media’ by Julian Petley and Robin Richardson. Looks … Continue reading

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Craig Murray on the killing of Cengiz Songur

Craig Murray has written a very moving and troubling piece about the death of Cengiz Songur (above). Cengiz was one of several Turkish nationals killed by the Israeli commandos who boarded the Mavi Marmara aid flotilla last summer. Craig has just … Continue reading

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My Brother The Islamist

I mentioned yesterday that BBC3 was that night going to air a documentary ‘My Brother The Islamist’ looking to explore the reasons why a young English bloke converted to Islam and joined Anjem Choudary’s group of provocateurs. Well, the documentary … Continue reading

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Why would someone join Anjem Choudary’s group?

Ever wondered why someone would actually join Anjem Choudary’s band of followers who seem to delight in offending others? Well, BBC3 are airing a documentary tonight called ‘My Brother The Islamist’ made by the step brother of one chap who did just … Continue reading

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Young, Educated and Dissatisfied in the Gulf

My younger sister, Zamila –  a visiting fellow at Brookings Doha Center – has an article published today on the New Statesman website about the Gulf countries and some of the problems that are facing their youth.

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