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Mel P on ‘the moral depravity of the Arabs’

  Melanie Phillips – one of the most vocal pro-Israel cheerleaders in the UK media – has a characteristically caustic piece up on Spectator blogs today in which she denounces ‘…the moral depravity of the Arabs…’ and refers to them as ‘savages.’ … Continue reading

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The interesting friends of the Quilliam Foundation

Back in 2006, the then Prime Minister Tony Blair had come under massive criticism both within his party but also from all the major UK Muslim organisations for his silence over Israel’s murderous bombardment of Lebanon. Just about all the main … Continue reading

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Usama Hasan and the evolution controversy

I have a post up on Cif at the moment about the ongoing controversy surrounding Usama Hasan and his views on evolution. Do contribute to the discussion there or add your comments below on this thread if you prefer. Here … Continue reading

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Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters announces boycott of Israel

The Jewish Chronicle features a story today about Roger Waters, Pink Floyd’s bass player and main lyricist, saying that Waters has announced that he is joining the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign against Israel due to its ‘racist and colonial … Continue reading

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Nick Clegg distances himself from idiot Cameron on multiculturalism

The Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, today delivered a very important speech in Luton entitled ‘An Open, Confident Society: The Application of Muscular Liberalism in a Multicultural Society’ in which he wisely distanced himself from some of the comments made by … Continue reading

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Pakistan continues descent into hell

What can one say about the tragic assassination of Shahbaz Bhatti, the sole Christian member of the Pakistani cabinet? What a tragedy that Pakistan – which was specifically created as a haven for Muslims in the subcontinent – has turned into … Continue reading

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Daily Telegraph apologises for bullshit Iran story

  Last September I blogged about how the Daily Telegraph had just printed a nonsense story alleging that Iran was bankrolling the Turkish AK Party. The Telegraph’s story – by one of its longtime bullshitters, Con Coughlin – came at a … Continue reading

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