Is Spectator editor Fraser Nelson an idiot?


The editor of The Spectator, Fraser Nelson, is quoted in the Independent today defending Melanie Phillips’ racist outburst about Arabs in a blogpost she wrote for the Spectator website last week.

“We are quite clear that Melanie Phillips hasn’t broken the PCC code,” Fraser Nelson is quoted as saying in the Indy.

Let’s take a look at the Press Complaints Commission Code of Practice, shall we? Section 12 of the PCC Code of Practice is entitled ‘Discrimination’ and it says:

“The press must avoid prejudicial or pejorative reference to an individual’s race, colour, religion, gender, sexual orientation or to any physical or mental illness or disability.”

Now, let us compare what the PCC Code of Practice says about avoiding pejorative references to race with what Melanie Phillips said in her Spectator blogpost:

“…the moral depravity of the Arabs is finding a grotesque echo in the moral bankruptcy and worse of the British and American ‘liberal’ media…To the New York Times, it’s not the Arab massacre of a Jewish family which has jeopardised ‘peace prospects’ — because the Israelis will quite rightly never trust any agreement with such savages — but instead Israeli policy on building more homes, on land to which it is legally and morally entitled, which is responsible instead for making peace elusive. Twisted, and sick.”

So, Melanie Phillips lambasts the ‘moral depravity of the Arabs’ and refers to them as being ‘savages’ and yet the editor of the Spectator seems to believe that this does not contravene the PCC code.

We will have to wait and see if the PCC agrees with Mr Nelson’s evidently very odd interpretation of its Code of Practice. Meanwhile, let us hope that the EHRC and the Metropolitan Police take this matter rather more seriously than Mr Nelson appears to. If a prominent commentator had made similar remarks on a national newspaper website and referred contemptuously to the ‘moral depravity of the Jews’ and described them as being ‘savages’ there is really no question in my mind that they would be condemned – and rightly so – by all their peers and face prosecution for racist hate speech.

Melanie Phillips’ racist outburst about Arabs was sickening and she should not be treated as if she is above the law. It has long been an outrage that the BBC actually allow her to appear as a regular panelist on the Moral Maze as if she was a respected social commentator instead of the racist anti-Arab bigot that she is.

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25 Responses to Is Spectator editor Fraser Nelson an idiot?

  1. B.Roozendaal says:

    Mr Bunglawala should do well to remember that, like Muslims, Arabs do not constitute a race. They are Arabs because they speak Arabic. Pointing out that Arabs stand morality on its head when they murder a Jewish family in Israel (and subsequently hand out sweets to celebrate) can therefore never be racist. If Mr Bunglawala wishes to deflect attention from this atrocity he should use the words ‘politically incorrect’.

  2. B.Roozendaal: ‘Pointing out that Arabs stand morality on its head when they murder a Jewish family in Israel (and subsequently hand out sweets to celebrate) can therefore never be racist.’

    What – ALL Arabs? Are all Arabs guilty and ‘morally depraved’ and ‘savages’ because of the murder of settler Fogel family? Moron.

  3. Miranda Rose Smith says:

    Ms. Phillips’s comments are not racist because Arabs are not a race.

    • Amin says:

      Arabs are a single semitic race. Yes, they are considered as a race. Jewish are majority semitic – not exculsive like the term Arab.

  4. Miranda Rose Smith says:

    Arabs dance in the streets and hand out candy when Jews are slaughtered. State controlled Arab media has been calling for the destruction of the State of Israel since it was founded. Where else, in today’s world, are homosexuals beheaded? The murder of the Fogel family does not make all Arans guilty, but Arab culture is savage and morally depraved.

    • Amin says:

      Did you read about the 45 mins claim of Tony Blair – that was proven wrong – before USA & UK slaughtered thousands. Or did you not read the way Julian Assagne was silenced.

      Did you not see the thousands Israel have killed in Palestine? Children with stone Vs guns and tank. Google it.

      It all came out actually – that it was not the Palestinian Arabs who did not want peace but Israel who is greedy for land. Find Louis Threoux’s documentary and racist and savage extreme Jews who go from America to settle into Israel – and you call that fair?

      And for that “West” silenced Assange and his leaks.

  5. Charlie says:

    I hope that the foul bigot Phillips is prosecuted. No decent publication should employ this hatemonger, her pathetic whining about the response to her racist remarks should be ignored.

    • Miranda Rose Smith says:

      The essence of racisim is a belief in innate differences. You find me one word, anywhere, in all of Ms. Phillips’s wrtings, that could possibly be construed as suggesting that she believes in innate differences. Ms. Phillips calls people who murder civilians in their sleep savages. Don’t you?

      • Amin says:

        Yes – so do I.

        Did you protest again Afghanistan and Iraq. Tell me what has ever a single Iraqi or and Afghani ever done to an American or British – that hundreds of thousands got killed?

        I call that savage too? Now like Phillips shall I accuse all peopl from hese two nations as savage or just the one who are responsible for comitting these atrocities.

  6. Charlie says:

    No Miranda Rose Smith. The bigot Melanie Phillips brands ALL Arabs as being “savages” and “morally depraved”. This is common or garden racism. I suggest that you read her hysterical and bile filled article again, this time with an open mind. Think on this: What would you have to say if somebody was the describe all Jews as being morally depraved savages?

    • Steven Green says:

      I’d say this Charlie, (and I’ve posted this before but its worth repeating) in relation to your point about describing Jews as savages etc – go find me a Jew who stabbed a 3 month old baby in the heart twice, go and find me a community of Jews who then celebrated this depraved act by handing out sweets, go and find me some Jews who behead hostages and then post the footage on the internet, go and find me some Jews who fly planes into skyscrapers wiping out 3000 people, go and find me the Jews who keep the likes of Mein Kampf and The Protocols of the Elders of Zion in the best seller lists, go and find me the Jews who murdered 30,000 of their own people as Assad did to the people of Hama, find me the Jewish state that performs regular and public executions of adulterers, homosexuals and apostates. When you have then you can call the Jews savage – until then I’d take a long hard look at the Arab states and their inhabitants and ask yourself what on earth the rest of the world has done to deserve them.

      • Miranda Rose Smith says:

        Dear Mr. Green: You took the words right off my keyboard.

      • Amin says:

        What the murder of al-Durrah a child never crossed you or the killing of hundreds of youths with stones by the heavily armoured soldiers.

        Why is it that people all the way from America go into palestinian side (designated disputed territory by whole world except USA and Israel only) and they go and build their homes their and are HEAVILY protected. Madness!

        Why is it the ONLY example of peace Jews ever knew in Europe was Muslim Spain?

  7. Steve Blowers says:

    Charlie, Jews have been described as pigs and monkeys, fit for the gas ovens, and most infamously by the Nazis as “Untermenschen.” Does that put things into some kind of perspective for you?

  8. shalomachzav says:


    I am a uncomfortable with the language used by Melanie Philips. Its too general and comes close to condemning all Arabs, rather than those who carried out the brutal, despicable murder in Itamar.

    That said there are deep-seated problems in the Arab and wider Islamic world on a cultural level which no-one should ignore. Handing out candies to celebrate the murder of sleeping children is the behaviour of the morally depraved and savage. Palestinian media constantly incite hatred of Jews and Israelis and teach children that the best use of their potential is to blow themselves up. This is also savage and morally depraved.

    One of the biggest problems in the Islamic world is iliteracy. You have, in the words of Omid Jalili, too many “beardy, weirdy men who make shit up” and pander to the darker sides of human nature. G-d despises murder (killing innocents) but the problem is that those uneducated masses can’t check for themselves when they are told otherwise.

    Shalom from Israel

    • Amin says:

      Muslim countries have man many problems. But that does not mean you have or justify savagery from the West or from Israel.

  9. shalomachzav: Melanie Phillips’ language in the Spectator blog was racist – there really is no other way to describe her rant about ‘the moral depravity of the Arabs’ and her reference to them as being ‘savages’.

    However, I do agree that there are many deep-seated problems in many Muslim countries (and Arab ones). I did not see the news item you appear to be referring to about those who handed out sweets to ‘celebrate’ the killing of the Fogel family – but whoever did that should be ashamed of themselves. Handing out sweets for such an occasion was a contemptible act.

    I also agree with you about your point regarding illiteracy – better education is a basic prerequisite for the progress of predominantly Muslim and Arab societies.

    Having said all that: better education will not resolve the Israel-Palestine conflict. There needs to be a fair settlement and I very much support the Arab Peace Initiative but believe that time is running out for the two-state solution it envisaged due to the relentless illegal Jewish settlement building which is eating up Palestinian territory.

    • Miranda Rose Smith says:

      It’s Jordan that’s eating up Palestinian territory. There already are two states, a Jewish state and an Arab one, in mandatory Palestine.

      • Amin says:

        Israel never existed before

        You cannot take

        Actually there is documented proof that the terriotry known as Israel and the Palestinian controlled areas (West Bank mainly) were known as Palestine. The British used to issues passports from that region only under the name Palestine.

        Jordanian territory alone was know as Jordan. A little bit of research and you will find that as well.

        There has not been an Israel before 1948. Not for over a thousand of years

    • Canof says:

      “I did not see the news item you appear to be referring to about those who handed out sweets to ‘celebrate’ the killing of the Fogel family”

      Hence Phillips’s post about media malpractice. And that’s what it is – malpractice; bias doesn’t cut it. Those liars need to be fired, and any who won’t fire them should be fired, all the way on up, up to and including total bankruptcy and company liquidation if necessary (due to lack of funding if doing the right thing isn’t a good enough reason for these hacks) to make the media do its job.

  10. tom older says:

    Racism cannot be defeated by logic, it has nothing to do with logic. Instead it employs spuriously “logical” examples as “reasons” for the racism.

    inayatscorner is wasting his time attempting dialogue with the racists above. Pathetic if well intentioned. Of course Melanie Phillips is racist, of course she and the equally racist Douglas Murray of the so-called Centre for Social Cohesion (a front for the rabid islamophobia that outdoes Nick Griffiths) should never be allowed on public broadcasting. And of course they and the likes of them are allowed to broadcast, repeatedly, on Question Time, and sundry other programmes, their racist hate-filled “opinions”.

  11. G. Schwartzen says:

    The short and only answer to the question in your title is ‘YES’ – and Fraser Nelson is a fast-talking imbecile to boot, like his idol, the current POTUS. You judge a man by the effect of what he does; rather than by why he says does it … something which Fraser Nelson bleats out at the drop of a hat. The matter of this piece, is a case in point.

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