Would you punch this Bahraini tyrant in the nose?

Craig Murray has a wonderful idea over at his blog. Craig informs us that the Bahraini King tyrant, Hamad ibn Isa al-Khalifa, is due to visit the UK in May to attend Prince William’s wedding. In the past few days, Hamad has ordered his security forces to forcefully break up peaceful opposition protests in Bahrain resulting in at least 6 deaths and has now begun to arrest senior opposition leaders. Hamad – like a number of fellow Gulf despots – is not too keen on democracy. Craig reminds us of a historical parallel:

“After the European pro-democracy revolutions of 1848 were bloodily put down, one of the most vicious aristocratic oppressors, the Austro-Hungarian General Haynau, was visiting London. As he had used the military against unarmed protestors, including women, ordinary London people made plain he was not welcome. He was dragged from his carriage and beaten up in Park St, Southwark.

“There is a monument to it. I was taught it at school as something to be proud of, as showing the British people’s disdain of foreign tyrants. But then I didn’t go to the same kind of school as David Cameron and Nick Clegg.

“So I intend to form the Haynau contingent, a group of people dedicated to landing one squarely on the nose of the fat absolute monarch when he arrives in the UK for the wedding. I am looking for volunteers to join me. I am going to write to Scotland Yard, the Foreign Office and to the Embassy of Bahrain declaring this intention.”

What a splendid idea!

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1 Response to Would you punch this Bahraini tyrant in the nose?

  1. Brian Boru says:

    Haynau was visiting a brewery in Southwark as part of his holiday from torture and butchery on the continent (he was especially fond of horse-whipping women), when a group of draymen dropped a bail of hay on his head. He fled down the Thames with the draymen flinging horse dung after him, and dockers and stevedores ripping his clothes and ripping out chunks of his impressive mustachios as he passed. He was eventually forced to hide in a bin for his safety at the Royal George coaching inn in Bankside! The police rescued him and rowed him back across the Thames to safety. He never returned to London. Would be great if we could do the same to the tyrant Hamed of Bahrein 🙂

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