Police to investigate Mel P article for possible racist hate speech


A few days ago I wrote about Melanie Phillips’ use of what seemed to me to be highly inflammatory and racist language in a piece she wrote for Spectator blogs. In that article she talked about ‘the moral depravity of the Arabs’ and referred to them as being ‘savages’. Yesterday I alerted those responsible for taking action against racist hate speech in our regional police headquarters about Mel P’s article.

Well, it now transpires that her article has also been referred by the Muslim advocacy group ENGAGE to both the Metropolitan Police and the Equalities and Human Rights Commission for investigation into whether it contravenes our laws on racist hate speech.

I think there can be little question that if someone were to write on a national newspaper or magazine website about ‘the moral depravity of the Jews’ and describe them as being ‘savages’ then that person would very promptly – and very rightly – be charged with incitement to racial hatred.

Let’s hope that the police, the Crown Prosecution Service and the EHRC treat Mel P’s vile racist utterances about the Arabs with exactly the same seriousness.

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22 Responses to Police to investigate Mel P article for possible racist hate speech

  1. 'Uthmān says:

    “Let’s hope that the police, the Crown Prosecution Service and the EHRC treat Mel P’s vile racist utterances about the Arabs with exactly the same seriousness.”


    On another note, Inayat, have you been watching 4thought.tv this week? The topic is “Should Muslims adapt to Britain or should Britain adapt to Muslims?” Contributors have included Moazzam Begg, Myriam Francois-Cerrah and yep, you guessed it, Douglas Murray.


  2. the u-man says:

    good work – she needs to be taken into account for her outrageous rants

  3. Yakoub says:

    I hope she gets arrested, tried, convicted, and sent down.

  4. charlie says:


  5. Doug says:

    You are indeed, all SAVAGES. No amount of talk and discourse can change that. SAVAGES. You are.

  6. A couple hours ago Mel P posted a new article on the Spectator website mentioning this blog:


    So, apologies to all in advance if we now attract bigoted comments like those immediately above from Mel P’s fans.

  7. jzsnake says:

    If Jews slaughtered 5 people and then celebrated I’d say yes call them savages but they don’t.

  8. Victoria says:

    Inayat, ignore these monstrous bigots (DOUG and CHARLIE) who call you names and insult you. They have nothing better to say and are naturally venting their anger at their own stupidity.

    A British Christian Blogger

  9. john says:

    Should she have called them 7th Day Adventist savages, then? But they weren’t. So who carried out this savage massacre? Kurds, perhaps, who love to slit a 3 month old baby’s throat. But they weren’t, were they. Do tell us who they were, Mr Bunglewallah, please. Clear up the mystery. A serial killer, then? A lunatic or lunatics, escaped from the local asylum? Who, who, who? Of course, now I know: didn’t the Jordanian papers suggest they were Bahais from nearby Haifa?

  10. Peter says:


    You have made a big mistake here. Melanie P did not call all Arabs “savages”.
    She called the ones who murdered a whole family including a baby “savages”. Which seems fair enough.

    Running off to the Police or PCC with misleading reports doesn’t do anyone any good.

  11. Peter: Did you actually read Melanie’s article? Here is the relevant extract:

    “…the moral depravity of the Arabs is finding a grotesque echo in the moral bankruptcy and worse of the British and American ‘liberal’ media…To the New York Times, it’s not the Arab massacre of a Jewish family which has jeopardised ‘peace prospects’ — because the Israelis will quite rightly never trust any agreement with such savages — but instead Israeli policy on building more homes, on land to which it is legally and morally entitled, which is responsible instead for making peace elusive. Twisted, and sick.”

    She could hardly have been referring to just the killers of the settler Fogel family as ‘savages’ because any peace agreement will not be with them but with Arab nations. Also, her reference to ‘the moral depravity of the Arabs’ is clearly a very general reference – not merely limited to the killers.

    • Veronica Price says:

      And where then is the Arab condemnation of these murdering terrorists then? In my whole lifetime I have never come across such a savage group of people as the Muslims, the only group this country to my knowledge has genuinely and rightly come to despise. Two faces, both of them black as the hobs of hell.

  12. Charlie says:

    Melanie Phillips is a foul hatemonger. She disgusts me.

  13. Steve Blowers says:

    As I understand it, the murder of the Fogel family was the cause of some rejoicing amongst some inhabitants of the Arab world. These are the savages to which Melanie refers. Jews have been slaughtered throughout history simply because they are Jews. The most common exponents of this most senseless of crimes are today, largely Arab and/or Muslim. It is savagery and the deepest moral depravity. Ms Phillips has the moral courage to express this and I support her 100%

  14. P Carolan says:

    But… surely they are savages? If you consider their ghastly, depraved actions to be those of civilised humans, then you must also count yourself as a savage.

    I believe you are one, for your extreme, totalitarian worldview.

  15. The question is Are Muslims Savages?

    Some certainly are. What percentage are? How many millions would that be?

    Can we all agree that Muslims who hijack planes and fly them into buildings are savages? Are Muslims who bomb London buses and the underground savages? Are Muslims who demonstrate and display placards that threatent the UK with 9/11 attacks savages? Are Muslims who issue fatwas that call for the murder of writers and artists savages? Are Muslims who stone women to death to restore family “honour” savages? Are Muslims who perpetrated the Mumbai India massacre savages?

    Are British Muslims like Andy Choudary who planned a celebration of the 9/11/01 sneak attack on the US, “The Magnificent 19”, savages?

    I think think they are.

  16. Proud Islamophobe says:

    You go on with your da’wa, Inayat, while your mates do the dirty work of proper jihad, but believe me, when Europeans finally wake up from their collective pc slumber, what they will do to the 20 million Muslims in Europe will make Auschwitz look like an episode of school hazing.

  17. M Greenhill says:

    Good for Melanie for speaking up.
    It’s about time that fanatic Muslims and their British fellow travellers, are called to account.
    We Britons must stand up and speak out and have these misguided people who foment hatred against non-believers prosecuted.
    They should be sentenced to deportation to Iran or Saudi Arabia where their opinions will be respected!
    How dare these fanatics continue to (ab)use our hard fought for freedoms to preach death toward non-believers.
    Political correctness has gone mad.

  18. Just1Marine says:

    The Muslims keep pushing … they WILL NOT like it when we push back. They will get slammed back to 1683 where they belong. Remember The Battle of Vienna!!

  19. Adam says:

    “if someone were to write on a national newspaper or magazine website about ‘the moral depravity of the Jews’ and describe them as being ‘savages’ ”

    If the Jews were sneaking into people’s places at night and cutting throats of the sleeping inhabitants, if they were blowing up buses full of civilians and sent rockets into towns and villages where civilians go about their daily business, then indeed they would deserve being described as ‘savages’. But they don’t. The ones who actually do it are exclusively the Arabs and so they fully deserve the name.

    Let’s keep the language straight then, so we can sort out friends from enemies and real savages from civilized people who have always showed an amazing amount of restraint.

    Incidentally, some good old-fashioned and well-aimed serious savagery on the part of Jews would probably go a long way towards reaching a stable situation in the Middle East. Sadly though, the Jews still treat the Arabs as if they deserved any respect and as a result the conflict continues unabated.

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