Mel P on ‘the moral depravity of the Arabs’


Melanie Phillips – one of the most vocal pro-Israel cheerleaders in the UK media – has a characteristically caustic piece up on Spectator blogs today in which she denounces ‘…the moral depravity of the Arabs…’ and refers to them as ‘savages.’

The piece is about last week’s killing of a Jewish settler family who were living in illegally occupied Palestinian land. The killings were indeed tragic. Though one does wonder why on earth the Jewish settlers thought it a sensible move to build their homes in illegally occupied Palestinian land.

In any case, that does not excuse Mel P’s use of what seems to me to be very racist and inflammatory language about the Arabs.

The Press Complaints Commission and the Equalities and Human Rights Commission should investigate this promptly. You can imagine how Mel P would respond if someone referred to the ‘moral depravity of the Jews’ and described them as ‘savages’.

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