Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters announces boycott of Israel

The Jewish Chronicle features a story today about Roger Waters, Pink Floyd’s bass player and main lyricist, saying that Waters has announced that he is joining the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign against Israel due to its ‘racist and colonial policies’ towards the Palestinians. Waters has also urged his fellow artists to do the same.

This is undoubtedly good news and one can only hope and pray that it becomes as effective as the 1980’s anti-apartheid campaign against South Africa. It is always a source of some wonder to me when I hear pro-Israel lobbyists and commentators argue against a boycott of Israel and say it will be counter-productive but then the very same people will not long after pop up and urge the world to step up the pressure and sanctions against Iran.

Here is the link to Roger Waters’ original blogpost where he explains his decision to join the BDS campaign against Israel. Do read it in full.

Meanwhile, here is a YouTube clip of Waters with the other members of Pink Floyd performing ‘Comfortably Numb’ in a very memorable reunion at Live8 in 2005.

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4 Responses to Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters announces boycott of Israel

  1. Tabitha Korol says:

    Roger Waters:
    Pink Floyd

    I learned that you intend to boycott Israel. What is it about Islam that you admire so much that it behooves you to endanger and sacrifice a democratic nation – the only democratic homeland for Jewish people (compared with 19 Christian and 57 Muslim countries). Israel is not apartheid because it is home to one million Arabs (12 employed in Parliament) in addition to Jews of every race (Ethiopia, Africa, China, Europe, the Americas); yet you have fallen prey to Islamic propaganda without the decency or intelligence to question what you’re being fed. Israel has been the home for Jews for more than 3,000 years, a sovereign country since 1948, while Palestinians invented themselves as a political strategy in 1967, after a war the Arabs initiated and then lost after 19 years.

    Islam is the quintessential apartheid cult of the most violent people in the world, responsible for slaughtering 270 million people over 1400 years, including Jews, Christians, Zoroastrians, Baha’is, Buddhists, Hindus, and their own Muslim co-religionists. They kill homosexuals for their very existence (click for short video). Their goal of global Jihad involves teaching hatred of others into the next generations (click) , conquest, forced conversion, killing non-Muslims forever and everywhere, beheadings (click) , brutality and honor killings against women and children, stonings (click) , amputations (click) , rioting, rampant bloodshed. You believe that Arabs have the “basic human rights” to enter the country of Israel and slaughter its citizens?!

    As the UK and other European countries are succumbing to Islamic Sharia, why aren’t you amassing your fellow Brits to speak out against your own Islamic conquest? You are betraying your fellow man and further emboldening Islamic intolerance of others, and now your efforts of BDS are designed to destroy Israelis who are already fighting for their survival in a sea of totalitarianism.
    Why do you demand of Israel what you do not demand of other sovereign nations? Israel’s barrier has proven effective in saving its citizens from savage attacks by its barbaric neighbors. Why are you not as outspoken against the many other walls throughout the world: Great Wall of Morocco against Polisario (click), Great Wall of China (click) , South/North Korea (click), India/Pakistan (click) , Botswana/Zimbabwe (click), Saudi Arabia/Yemen (click) , Thailand/Malaysian Muslims (click) , Uzbekistan/Tadjikistan (click) , Croatia/Dubrovnik (click) Pakistan/Afghanistan ((click), UAR/Oman (click) , the walls between Catholics and Protestants in Ireland (click) , and others? Have you fought against these walls with the same zeal or do you relish reading about the demonic slaughter of innocent Israelis by Palestinians? (click for graphic photos of Fogel family)

    Mr. Waters, your head is not above the parapet when you defend Islam for the carnage and destruction; rather, it is beneath contempt. It is time you put some effort into saving lives, and stop supporting vicious Islamic intolerance and anti-Semitism – only then will you be able to hold your head up.


    • rationalhuman says:

      At what point is defending Islam, he is defending human rights? Jews always want to turn this into a religious thing.

  2. Well said Tabitha, unfortunately this is a religious war, always was, always will be and Waters is way off .. what a stupid ass

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