Daily Telegraph apologises for bullshit Iran story


Last September I blogged about how the Daily Telegraph had just printed a nonsense story alleging that Iran was bankrolling the Turkish AK Party. The Telegraph’s story – by one of its longtime bullshitters, Con Coughlin – came at a time when the Turks had become increasingly critical about Israel’s murderous behaviour especially following the attack on a Turkish flotilla which had killed several of their citizens. So, it didn’t take much imagination to speculate where the Telegraph story had originated. A couple of weeks later I noted that the Telegraph’s story had been so laughably inept that it had been quietly removed from its website.

Well, yesterday, the Telegraph finally published an apology admitting that it’s original story was untrue and it apologised to the Turkish Prime Minister  Tayyip Erdogan. I am reproducing the wording below:

Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey
In our online article “Iran donates $25 million to Turkey’s ruling party” (Sept 14) we wrongly stated that Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey had “improperly negotiated and accepted a donation in the sum of $25 million to his AK Parti from Iran to further the party’s campaign in a forthcoming general election”. We now accept that we were misinformed and the allegation was untrue. Neither Prime Minister Erdogan nor his party has negotiated any such deal or accepted any donation of any kind from Iran. We apologise to Prime Minister Erdogan.
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