EDL cartoon

I got sent a link to the above cartoon by a contact on Twitter and thought it was worth sharing. The cartoon is by Carlos Latuff.

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11 Responses to EDL cartoon

  1. Robin says:

    Why worth sharing? It just promotes a crude stereotype as if edl people were violent bigots. In reality the edl website and communications have ALWAYS insisted on non-violence and non-racism, whereas in contrast the Unite-As-Fascists have always been preoccupied with making invitations to go along and disrupt edl events, scare them off, show them who’s the tougher etc. But why bother with the truth when a lie is more convenient (as is always the case with the scam of thuggery that is Islam)?

  2. Robin: I personally went along to the EDL rally in Luton a couple of weeks ago (and blogged about it at the time) to find out more about the EDL first-hand. Many of the EDL supporters were clearly drunk by the time they had arrived in St George’s Square, Luton and seemed to take pleasure in shouting ‘Allah, Allah, who the fuck is Allah?’, ‘Muslim paedos’ and other bigoted slogans. The only reason there was no violence that day is because the police – to their credit – mounted a huge security operation. Previous EDL rally’s have not been quite so peaceful. Look at these reports all of which mention violence by EDL supporters resulting in the police having to arrest them:




  3. Robin says:

    Thanks for publishing my comment Inayat. But your faith in the accuracy of the mass media and of personal anecdotal type assessments is touching. I know of various Muslims who have launched unprovoked attacks on myself, and read in the media some rather solid reports about them killing many of our citizens in terrorist attacks. But I don’t infer from that that it would be appropriate to show an equivalent cartoon of Muslims beating up non-provoking non-Muslims in the street (even though we have actual photos of them doing just that).

    So you wish to have the EDL go away, notwithstanding its persistent explicit condemnations of violence and racism. Do you really prefer that it be suppressed and then a real nasty group come up to fill the vacuum you have created, inspired by the Hitler Youth etc, going round in big gangs smashing up “paki” shops and so on. After all, how many Jews in Germany committed terrorist atrocities or expressed hostility to European values and institutions?

    Well, as you have still glaringly failed to answer the crucial questions of whether you agree or not with all those Qur’anic commands such as “Kill the idolators wherever you find them” (listed in my comment the other week), it wouldn’t surprise me if you are unable to get together some sensible thoughts about this either.

  4. Robin: I did not equate the EDL with all white people so spare me your bollocks. Here is a video of some EDL supporting thugs terrorising Muslims who are eating a meal in MacDonalds in Leicester.

  5. mostly harmless says:

    Such brave warriors, this will go down as the great battle of MaccyD’s of Leicester, how about a statue on one of the plinths in Trafalgar Sq to commemorate it?

  6. Yakoub says:

    The EDL are trying to represent themselves as respectable. Doesn’t it remind you of how the British National Party tried to do a PR job on themselves prior to the last election? Lovely, cuddly Nick, except he is a convicted holocaust denier who has shared platforms with known fascists. I make videos taking the micky out of British far-right nonsense — comments from EDL supporters are racist, hate-filled bile, and have included death threats. The EDL are far-right thugs. Those EDL goons who paint themselves otherwise are trying to pull the wool over people’s eyes. Don’t be fooled!

  7. paxi christi says:

    “This cartoon is complete bullqq, but the EDL will never stop you from publishing it. We will never threaten the life of the cartoonist. We will never burn embassies or hold murderous riots.

    We will defend your right to publish these cartoons, no matter how offensive they are, because we are civilized people and we believe in democracy and freedom.”

    keep the faith

    paxi 🙂

  8. It seems that EDL supporters have been urged on one of their forums to post comments on this blog:


    As long as their comments are not obscene, they will not be banned here.

    • paxi christi says:

      may i ask where do you get your information about the people within the EDL?

      media outlets,word of mouth,?

      because you cannot put up real still photoes of this sort of behaviour up because it doesnt excist.thats why you put up cartoons,its propaganda at its best thats all.its laughable really show links to any assaults and people proven guilty of them in your media search machine you use and show them instead.you cannot find none because there is none just propoganda..

      keep the faith

      paxi 🙂

  9. paxi: The YouTube video I posted above of EDL supporters behaving as violent louts in Leicester speaks for itself. A few weeks ago, I met your EDL leader Stephen Lennon face to face during an interview for a Radio 4 programme. I thought he was an (angry) ignorant buffoon. And I also came along to the EDL rally in Luton a couple of weeks ago:


  10. paxi christi says:

    propaganda it is….its not got the start of things before this happend,its been cut/edited………you wont listen willl you watch the full version of it and put that one up.

    out of interest,could i show you links to muslim/islamists doing what your imaginary cartoon is potraying to every other race along with guilty verdicts aswell,or is it just one way only?

    once again listen its Propoganda…

    keep the faith

    paxi 🙂

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