Denis MacShane MP: A Zionist and a Liar

Denis MacShane MP (Rotherham, Labour) is not my favourite MP by any measure. A couple of years ago I wrote a piece on Cif about how MacShane had back in November 2001 tried to deceive Muslims and the wider public about support for the Afghanistan war. Briefly: MacShane wrote an article in Nov 2001 while he was a Foreign Office Minister about how UK Muslims were supportive of the Afghanistan war! Only he did not publish it under his own name. He first tried to persuade Lord Ahmed to have it published under his name and when Lord Ahmed – to his credit – refused to go along with the deceit, MacShane persuaded dimwit MP Khalid Mahmood (Birmingham Perry Barr, Labour) to do it and the article was duly published in the Observer. But the Guardian’s diarist Matthew Norman managed to get hold of the true account of events and blew the whistle on the whole silly enterprise a few days later.

Anyway, I raise this today because MacShane has been lying again – this time in parliament, where he yesterday accused me of not condemning the stoning to death of women because ‘it is written in the Koran’. I presume he is referring to a meeting organised by the London Evening Standard a couple of years ago when I was asked to give my views on stoning. I made clear that I would not condemn the Prophet Muhammad – it is foolish in the extreme to judge actions from 1400 years ago by today’s values and standards. However, I also made clear that I was opposed to stoning men or women today. And by the way, MacShane, stoning is not mentioned in the Qur’an, you twit.

Just last week, I blogged about how Robert Halfon MP had made libellous comments about ENGAGE in parliament but could not be sued because he had made the comments in the House of Commons where MPs have parliamentary immunity. Is it not appalling that Zionist cowards like Halfon and MacShane can so abuse the parliamentary system in this manner to make libellous and false comments?

Update: I just received a tweet from someone asking why Denis MacShane is not in prison due to his garage arrangements. I had no idea what the person was talking about until I did a news search. Here is what I found – MacShane has claimed a massive £125,000 in constituency expenses for his garage. Yet, a reporter who photographed the garage found paint peeling off the doors! So, a Zionist, a liar and a…well, you decide.

Update 2: Guardian story from 14 Oct 2010 ‘Denis MacShane referred to police over expenses allegations’

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4 Responses to Denis MacShane MP: A Zionist and a Liar

  1. Asim says:

    And there are more lies from him on the MPAC website. You can read “Desperate Denis MacShane” here:

  2. Thanks for that link, Asim. What a nasty piece of work MacShane is.

  3. rothpol says:

    MacShane finally gets the message – Labour pushes him out!
    Looks like you admire this politician about as much as I do. Happy blogging!

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