Tweeting today from the EDL demo in Luton

I will be going along to Luton town centre later today to observe the demo by the openly anti-Islamic English Defence League and the counter demo by Unite Against Fascism. You can follow me on Twitter @inayatb . I will also see if I can try and provide updates via this blog entry (if I can avoid getting beaten up that is!)…

Update: Well, I managed to post 17 tweets (all accessible via the Twitter link at the top right hand corner of this blog) from the EDL rally today. I had stood right behind them all the time near where the media cameras and their satellite crews were situated with a fair number of police officers in between to keep order. I felt very sorry for all the local businesses that must have lost a lot of money in lost earnings. Anyway, there was no trouble that I saw and aside from the usual offensive slogans it all passed off peacefully enough, thank God.

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2 Responses to Tweeting today from the EDL demo in Luton

  1. Will there be a follow up post? Be interested to know what happens?

  2. I provided the update in the ‘Update’ bit of the blog!

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