On Twitter at last…


I finally got round to setting up my Twitter account yesterday and can now be found @inayatb .

The openly anti-Islam English Defence League are demonstrating in Luton tomorrow in what Newsnight said will be their biggest rally yet. Btw, did you notice how the reporter on Newsnight revealed that the EDL were being provided material ‘from Israel’ to attack the Qur’an?

There will also be a counter-demo by Unite Against Fascism.

The Bedfordshire police have provided details of arrangements for tomorrow’s demo here.

The mosques in Luton have been urging Muslims to stay away from the town centre tomorrow. Anyway, I intend to go along tomorrow and, God Willing, will tweet about what goes on throughout the day.

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2 Responses to On Twitter at last…

  1. 'Uthmān says:

    Added your twitter to my RSS feeds. I recorded QT last night and plan to watch it tonight. I expect Melanie Philips to enlighten the audience about how Mubarak should have stayed and democracy will be a bad thing for Egpyt. Am I far off?

  2. Yes, she warned about the alleged parallel with Iran in 1979. Israel and its supporters are clearly worried that Arab peoples may achieve true independence.

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