Unite Against Fascism urge counter-demo to EDL in Luton


Further to my previous post about our local Imam urging the jumu’ah (Friday prayer) congregation to avoid Luton town centre on Saturday 5th Feb when the English Defence League bigots will be holding a rally, the anti-racist group, Unite Against Fascism have announced that they will be holding a counter-demo on the day and have gained the support of the ASLEF union.

An interesting conundrum this: should Luton’s Muslims take part in the counter-demo against the openly anti-Muslim EDL? In previous EDL demos, mosques have generally advised Muslims to avoid taking part in counter-demos, undoubtedly due to understandable fears that they will allow themselves to be provoked by the EDL and could land themselves in trouble with the law, not to mention giving the TV news cameras the images they want.

At the moment my thinking is that I will go along to the town centre on Feb 5th and blog or tweet about what happens. I bought a (rather wonderful) HTC Desire smartphone a couple of months ago and it will be a good opportunity to test out its tweeting or blogging capability.

Isn’t it a disgrace how our leading politicians have remained criminally silent in the face of the openly anti-Muslim agitation of the EDL? It’s as if they have calculated that there are more votes to be lost than won by speaking out against the EDL.

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2 Responses to Unite Against Fascism urge counter-demo to EDL in Luton

  1. javed says:

    i will be going up there from eastlondon with the MDL, theses imams or scholar for a dollar as i like to call them will only open there eyes when mosques start to get petrol bombed and sisters are attacked in the street, i’m sorry i cant stand by and watch this happen EDL started in luton on feb 5 were gona be finishing them in Luton….

  2. javed says:

    Defending all races and religion
    (Muslims and non-muslims more than welcome on Muslim Defence League)

    We are not a group that actively looks to engage the EDL in physical confrontation. If needs be we will defend Muslims and non Muslims alike. We are British Muslims! Proud of being Muslim and proud of being British. The EDL are anything but British.

    We are also about highlighting the plight of other people around the world who are suffering injustice and oppression. In particular Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnya, Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan and the like. This does not exclude non Muslims who suffer injustice and oppression.

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