Waiting for the EDL to return to Luton on Feb 5th

Our local Imam devoted much of Friday’s khutbah (the mosque was full inside, and it was -2 Celsius outside where I was praying, but still, the car park area was full to the brim with worshippers, alhamdulillah) to the issue of the English Defence League and their widely publicised intention to hold a demonstration in Luton on Feb 5th 2011.

The EDL have held a number of openly anti-Muslim demonstrations recently including in Preston, Portsmouth and Leicester.

The Imam urged Muslims in Luton to stay away from the town centre on that day saying that the EDL were clearly intent on provoking Muslim youth into making trouble. 

The EDL styles itself as being against ‘militant Islam’, but its – often drunken – supporters have been filmed shouting obscenities about Allah (‘Allah, Allah, who the fuck is Allah’) and have repeatedly been arrested for committing violence against Muslim individuals and businesses.

A report into the EDL by Professor Nigel Copsey a couple of months ago made the following observations:

“The EDL is best understood as an Islamophobic, new social movement, born of a particularly unattractive and intolerant strand of English nationalism. It is symptomatic of an English identity crisis, drawing on native English ‘identity’ as its principle weapon against an ‘alien’ Islamic identity.”“The EDL is best understood as a right-wing social movement, that deploys mass mobilisation, or the threat of mass mobilisation, as its prime source of influence.”

“As a social movement, the EDL claims to be concerned primarily with defending England’s traditional national and cultural identity against what it sees as the demonic threat of Islam. What the EDL therefore represents, as we shall see, is a deeply Islamophobic new social movement.”
“[Alan Lake, principle financier, strategist and tactician for the EDL] views the EDL as a ‘dirty’ instrument in a cultural war – a ‘clash of civilisations’ – between Islam and the West. The EDL baits the trap by inciting opponents, especially young Muslims, to react violently to its confrontational marches and demonstrations. The upshot, the EDL hopes, is that ‘cumulative radicalisation’ on the streets will force the Government into illiberal actions against Britain’s resident Muslims.”

The EDL’s proposed demonstration follows hot on the heels of this week’s controversy over Baroness Warsi’s remarks about Islamophobia. Zionist stalwarts such as Melanie Phillips, Charles Moore, and others predictably unleashed their poison pens in response. Can you imagine them having reacted in the same manner if the English Defence League was marching against Jews instead and Warsi had been warning about the dangers of anti-semitism?

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