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Israel and its friends warn of consequences of Egyptian freedom

While much of the world is thrilled by the images coming out of Egypt and hoping for the fall of the Mubarak regime, Israel and its many influential supporters are busy trying to persuade the USA and European governments that Mubarak … Continue reading

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Islamophobia: How does Labour measure up?

Bob Pitt of Islamophobia Watch has written an important article for Labour Briefing discussing how Labour has handled anti-Muslim bigotry in the UK. You can read it here.

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Andrew Gilligan closes his eyes to rising Islamophobia

Andrew Gilligan – who seems to be keen to take on the mantle of being the UK’s leading ‘Islamist’-hunter – today rubbishes the idea that Islamophobia is on the increase in the UK and claims that “the available evidence simply does … Continue reading

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Jumu’ah thoughts on Egypt

Amazing pictures are coming out from Egypt despite the typically repressive measures by the corrupt Mubarak regime to harass journalists and close down internet communication inside the country. The Daily Telegraph’s Live Update on Egypt reported (quoting from an AFP report) … Continue reading

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R4 Face the Facts: Islamophobia

Radio 4’s Face the Facts series has just broadcast a short 23-minute programme about Islamophobia. It looked at inflammatory news reports about Muslims in the UK media and the role of the Press Complaints Commission in dealing with many complaints about … Continue reading

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Unite Against Fascism urge counter-demo to EDL in Luton

  Further to my previous post about our local Imam urging the jumu’ah (Friday prayer) congregation to avoid Luton town centre on Saturday 5th Feb when the English Defence League bigots will be holding a rally, the anti-racist group, Unite Against … Continue reading

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Waiting for the EDL to return to Luton on Feb 5th

Our local Imam devoted much of Friday’s khutbah (the mosque was full inside, and it was -2 Celsius outside where I was praying, but still, the car park area was full to the brim with worshippers, alhamdulillah) to the issue … Continue reading

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