David Cameron on Israel and Iran: Compare and contrast

Speaking at the annual Conservative Friends of Israel business lunch this week, David Cameron spoke out against any calls to punish Israel for its continuing occupation of Palestinian lands, its illegal Jewish settlements, its cruel and barbaric treatment of the besieged and repeatedly bombed people of Gaza and its known stockpile of nuclear weapons. According to this week’s Jewish Chronicle, he said:

“When we see boycotts…we should go in completely the opposite direction: showing the world that we are proud to do business with Israel.”

He added that “the ties between this [Conservative] party and Israel are unbreakable.”

Well, that will certainly encourage the Israelis to end their preposterous behaviour!

And what does Cameron say about Iran which is not occupying anyone else’s territory and unlike Israel does not possess nuclear weaponry?

“Iran needs to know if they continue on this course they will feel international pressure and international isolation.”

Voila! The difference made by financial donations to our main political parties by shady operators who use their wealth to undermine and corrupt our democracy.

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2 Responses to David Cameron on Israel and Iran: Compare and contrast

  1. 'Uthmān says:

    It seems like he just tells the audience what they want to hear. It wasn’t long ago when he said that Gaza ‘cannot remain a prison camp’ (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-10774159) which was obviously a suitable thing for him to say to that particular audience.

    I don’t like that kind of hypocrisy.

  2. ‘Uthman: No, this is about a lot more than just trying to please the audience one is addressing (which is something that just about all politicans will do). Cameron’s mild criticism of the Gaza blockade did not result in any significant concrete action being taken to punish Israel for its cruel and inhuman behaviour. On the contrary, Cameron and his government are actively trying to change our laws on universal jurisdiction to make it much more difficult to arrest suspected Israeli war criminals if they visit the UK. He has promised that the UK will not back calls to boycott Israeli goods despite Israel’s repeated flouting of UN resolutions. In short, every attempt by peaceful activists to punish Israel for its behaviour is being thwarted by the government which appears to be in thrall to the Conservative Friends of Israel. Contrast that with the UK government’s active support for increased and continuing sanctions against Iran. No wonder that increasing numbers of people are rejecting to play this game and are concluding that democratic politics is merely a sham where the powerful will always rig the rules in their own favour. And if democratic politics is indeed a sham what avenues are left for protest?

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