Paxman interviews a dying Chistopher Hitchens

I just managed via the BBC’s i-Player to catch up with Jeremy Paxman’s special Newsnight interview with Christopher Hitchens. Hitchens is an immensely influential writer and is the author of the best-selling anti-theist book, God is Not Great. He also, infamously, became a leading supporter of the 2003 invasion of Iraq and thereby broke with many of his old friends from the Left who had until then been admirers of his.

Paxman’s interview with Hitchens is 30 minutes long and I found it to be useful and even compelling viewing. Hitchens was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of cancer in the summer and he informs us that the prognosis is bleak indeed. Only a 5% chance of living for another 5 years. Has the prospect of an early death led him to revise his views about God or made him regret his trenchant criticisms of Mother Theresa for example? Well, I won’t tell you what he says, but would urge you to watch and find out for yourselves. I don’t know how long the BBC allow their programmes to remain on i-player (I think it is two weeks but I am not sure).

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1 Response to Paxman interviews a dying Chistopher Hitchens

  1. Yakoub says:

    Once I got to the polemical squirming over his support for the Iraq war, I turned off. He might have gained sympathy from his frank discussion of his illness, but I’m afraid his continuing disingenuous support for one of the great evils of this century is inexcusable. Hitchens is simply someone who likes to win an argument, not have one.

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