Tip for all you Linux fans out there…

I was in WHSmith’s yesterday and noticed that the latest issue of Linux Magazine was celebrating ten years of its publication by featuring an accompanying DVD containing the full searchable back catalogue of every issue of the magazine since the beginning. The current issue of the magazine only costs £8.99. That’s very good value considering you also get all the past 119 editions of the magazine in electronic format.

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5 Responses to Tip for all you Linux fans out there…

  1. Usayd says:

    Are you actually a linux fan?

  2. Yes, though admittedly for work reasons! More and more employers are turning to Linux for running their servers, especially the Red Hat Enterprise edition. And in the current economically straitened times, with IT budgets very much under threat, the temptation to move from Windows over to Linux must be strong.

  3. Usayd says:

    True. It has also broken into the mass market with ‘Ubuntu’, which is a highly accessible (and efficient) operating system. I’m all for a truly open operating system, offsetting the monopolisation by MS (and recently Apple). It’s a shame that so many software suites rely on those platforms to run, though there is even a way round that – emulation software called ‘Wine’.

    Let’s see what the next 10 years hold!

  4. AA Usayd: I have the Ubuntu flavoured Linux running under VMware at home. It is very impressive for a free O/S. Having said that, MS Windows Server 2008 is admittedly a pretty awesome piece of software and will take some beating. The ability to virtualise your servers and then divide up their functionality (through the wonderful ‘Roles Wizard’) is just the business.

  5. 'Uthmān says:

    I use Fedora linux to do all my programming work for university (where I’m studying computer science and maths). It’s considered sacrilegious NOT to use it at university, although I must confess – I’ve yet to understand exactly why it’s “better” than windows.

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