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Tip for all you Linux fans out there…

I was in WHSmith’s yesterday and noticed that the latest issue of Linux Magazine was celebrating ten years of its publication by featuring an accompanying DVD containing the full searchable back catalogue of every issue of the magazine since the beginning. … Continue reading

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Rupert Murdoch says US should increase its support for Israel

Rupert Murdoch delivered a speech last night explicitly outlining his deep commitment to Israel. The speech is worth reading in full – it is not very long at all –  particularly to appreciate just how one-sided Murdoch’s view of the Middle East is … Continue reading

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No such thing as marital rape says head of UK Shariah Council

The meaning of the word ‘Ulama’ is ‘people of knowledge’. Muslims are brought up to rightly respect scholarship and those who dedicate their lives in search of knowledge. In practice, however, many of those whom we still call ‘ulama’ are, … Continue reading

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Burning the Burqa: a silly stunt by a silly man

I got a call earlier today from a Sunday Telegraph journalist named David Barrett. Barrett was behind the mischievous story last week entitled ‘British schools where girls must wear the Islamic veil’. From reading the headline you would have thought that he … Continue reading

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Blair says West is ‘outspent, outmanoeuvred and out-strategised’ by Muslim extremists

In his acceptance speech last night (for the 2010 Scholar-Statesman Award from the rabidly pro-Israeli outfit, the Washington Institute for Near East Policy – yes, I know, feel free to throw up), Tony Blair complained that the West is being ‘outspent, outmanoeuvred and out-strategised’ … Continue reading

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EDL supporters demonstrate outside Blackburn’s ‘Halal’ KFC

Just days after the Mail on Sunday’s campaign – which I blogged about here – to incite mischief over the sale of ‘halal’ meat in an increasing number of mainstream outlets, supporters of the English Defence League have now begun … Continue reading

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