Ed Miliband trashes Blair’s Iraq legacy

You can understand why David Miliband did not look too pleased when his brother Ed said yesterday that ‘we were wrong to have gone to war against Iraq’. Ed’s denunciation of the Iraq war shows up the spinelessness of MPs like David Miliband who failed to follow in the brave and principled footsteps of people like the late Robin Cook but instead meekly went along with Blair’s disastrous and deceitful decision to invade Iraq, a decision that has cost a phenomenal number of innocent Iraqi lives estimated anywhere from over 100,000 to around a million.

Both the UK and the USA – the two main instigators of the Iraq war – now have senior political leaders who openly make clear that they were opposed to the war.

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1 Response to Ed Miliband trashes Blair’s Iraq legacy

  1. Ed Miliband is such a phoney for attacking the Iraq war, 7 years too late. He joined the Blair government after that war. Did he ever speak out against the Iraq policy? Not that I can remember.


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