Professor S. Misbah Deen’s response to Stephen Hawking

I received an article in my inbox this morning from S. Misbah Deen, Emeritus Professor of Computer Science at Keele University, in which he responds to Professor Stephen Hawking’s claim last week, that the Universe did not need a Creator. Misbah Deen was involved for a number of years in physics research at the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission, and then later at the Rutherford High Energy Laboratory in England. Misbah Deen is also the author of a book called ‘Science Under Islam: Rise, Decline and Revival’ (the ‘revival’ presumably being an expression of hope!). Anyway, it is an interesting response though marred by a number of typos.

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2 Responses to Professor S. Misbah Deen’s response to Stephen Hawking

  1. Inayat, hope you are keeping well.

    S. Misbah Deenand is wrong in asserting that Einstein was a deist; he simply did not believe in God, whether as a creator of the universe or as an active participant in the universe; this has been shown conclusively from his writings. When Einstein spoke of “God not playing dice with the universe”, for example, in relation to his reservations about quantum mechanics, he was using the concept of God merely in a poetic sense. Einstein was, of course, most definitely a Zionist; in fact the great man was at one time invited to become the president of Israel. Now by a spooky coincidence, my latest blog entry includes a picture of Einstein on an Israeli stamp. Is Einstein playing dice with the blogosphere?

  2. Bubbleman says:

    The ‘Count’ is wrong in asserting that Einstein was a Zionist – at least not a political zionist. Although he was a ‘cultural’ zionist, he did not believe in a jewish state implanted in Palestine. That’s why he rejected the ‘offer’ of the President job.

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