General Petreaus issues warning about launch of ‘International burn the Qur’an day’ on 9/11 anniversary

A Christian evangelical group, the Dove World Outreach Center, based in Florida, USA, is to launch an ‘International burn the Koran Day’ on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, this Saturday.

The US military commander in Afghanistan, General Petreaus, has warned that if the burning goes ahead it will endanger the lives of US soldiers, but the Christian group insists that the burning of the Qur’an will go ahead as planned.

The Dove World Outreach Center’s website hosts an article entitled ‘Ten reasons to burn a Koran’ and its senior pastor, Dr Terry Jones, is the author of a book called ‘Islam is of the Devil’ (pictured above).

It is to be hoped that someone will have a quiet word with the Christian pastor Dr Terry Jones and help him see sense before matters get out of hand, but this incident is indicative of a massive wave of anti-Muslim hysteria that has recently gripped the USA. It is hysteria that has been quite deliberately whipped up by right-wing and pro-Israel commentators.

Just last week, a mosque in Tennessee was set on fire in what officials believe was a deliberate arson attack.

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2 Responses to General Petreaus issues warning about launch of ‘International burn the Qur’an day’ on 9/11 anniversary

  1. Cameron says:

    bungy, a quick look over your little blog, and selective posting policy…it’s your blog your rightto post what you want. I always wonder how difficult it must be for muzzies to be told by their clergy and their …I guess you’d call it “holy” book, tell them that they are the best of humanity, yet the facts constantly demonstrate muslims occupy the lowest levels in achievement in virtually every endeavor. How many of the top universities in muslim majority states? zero. I could go on but wouldn’t want to embarrass the muslim masses, Culturally … forget it. I like it when you publish posts like the one after my last visit to your blog, it demonstrates to non-muslims even more than a bombing that muzzies in Britain aside from typically being criminal scum are at best seditious and most likely treasonous. When the time comes it is going to be easy getting everybody on board for the mass expulsion of muzzie scum that is coming. You can smell it, can’t you something big is on the horizon, and it isn’t victory for mohammed. It’s Europeans waking up to the existential threat posed by islam and your mates over at the ihkwan. Oh, love the “ihkwanophobia” boat your boys are trying to float…classic. I thought you lot had a better pr department.
    Do you know how many arms have been brought into the UK by former military? lots upon lots, ammo too when it comes down to it I’d be surprised if at the end there is a single muslim left breathing air in Britain or Europe. Tic Toc allah won’t save your sorry deluded asses.

  2. booty shaker says:


    you are very ignorant. And quite stupid. I think most people muzzies and otherwise would hope it’s a matter of time before scum like you are made extinct in Great Britain. And if a stupid muzzie decides to bomb his own ass and others in a tube let’s hope you’re caught in it. At least that muzzie would have done one thing right.

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