Time Magazine asks: ‘Is America Islamophobic?’

In light of new opinion polls consistently – and very worryingly – showing that a majority of US citizens are opposed to the building of Park51 – the proposed new Islamic community centre two blocks from Ground Zero, the cover story in the latest edition of Time Magazine asks ‘Is America Islamophobic?’

The magazine also features related items looking at ‘Why the GOP [Republican Party] should avoid the mosque issue’,  ‘Ground Zero: Exaggerating the jihadist threat’ and also a lovely photo gallery of Muslims in America.

Islamophobia Watch draws our attention to a good piece by Deepa Kumar analysing the shrill campaign against the proposed Muslim community centre.

Many Muslims, myself included, have long criticised aspects of US policy, but we have always admired the freedoms granted to its citizens. However, this right-wing led campaign against the proposed community centre has with the help of a number of media outlets and influential commentators become increasingly hysterical and openly Islamophobic with a very senior figure of the Republican Party, Newt Gingrich, openly likening Islam to Nazism.

Good going, Gingrich. I can’t imagine a better gift to al-Qa’ida’s recruiters.

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